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  1. strokemetwice

    Husqvarna Te300 2015 gearbox oil

    I go 40:1 on everything. I like getting more oil to the crank myself.
  2. strokemetwice

    Husqvarna Te300 2015 gearbox oil

    You can use atf, motor oil from 5 30 to 50 wt, gear oil, etc. Doesn't really matter. I use 80/90 gear oil in my 18 as it has a noisy tranny. I used atf in my other yz250s and te250 and just changed it every 3 rides or so. Brands dont matter quite honestly.
  3. strokemetwice

    Graham Jarvis Mikuni carb mods and jetting specs

    I tried this mod. Granted i only ride around the block, but back to back, the keihin 36mm has more snap, is less picky about cold weather, revs cleaner, and just seems to have a lot better power. Im sticking with the keihin.
  4. strokemetwice

    Graham Jarvis Mikuni carb mods and jetting specs

    It took me about 45 min to do the mods, pull the keihin out and put mikuni in. That includes pulling silencer, plastics, and suframe up to get the carb out. Why they could not have put a more flexible air box material in like the older bikes i have no idea.
  5. strokemetwice

    36mm Keihin On 2018 TX300

    Bike ran strong at sea level. There was a mix range studder that i couldn't get rid of. Had to go really rough on main, 175 to get the ping out. I dont love the way this carb fits in the boots. Broke a clamp trying to get tight. May try the mik again
  6. strokemetwice

    Graham Jarvis Mikuni carb mods and jetting specs

    Wow. Thanks. Now I have to put Tybee mik back on and try this. More work.
  7. strokemetwice

    TX 300 for Moto

    However, a 2 stroke makes you learn how to ride well and more fluid. I agree though. I only bought the 450 because I'm getting older and can't afford to be busted up due to miscalculation. They do get you out of jambs. They also get you into them by riding above your ability. Just my opinion though.
  8. strokemetwice

    TX 300 for Moto

    Power wise it feels very mild. Not like a 450. What class track rider would you consider yourself to be? A head and different carb will wake it up a ton. The TX feels way better than a YZ on both track and trail. I dont think your weight would be an issue for the 300.
  9. strokemetwice

    Odd power issue on 2018 250xc

    I would probably just do this and replace the clutch disks for piece of mind. Running a race in deep mud probably got that clutch hot enough to cause premature wear.
  10. strokemetwice

    Flat on top - exc 300 2012

    Why not just go with 13/52 if thats what you are looking for? 13 up front will roll smoother than a 12 and easier on the chain. Front sprockets are cheap. Your apparently buying a rear anyway so you may as well buy what you are looking for.
  11. strokemetwice

    TX 300 for Moto

    I would consider myself a moderate track rider who hits every jump at most tracks. I had a TE250 for trail and a 2015 CRF450 for track. I also had a 2006 YZ250 for the track. I hated the TE for track. Horrible. I loved the YZ, however did not love the cornering. I loved everything about the CRF at the track. I decided that I only want one bike in the end. I picked up a 2018 TX300 hoping to have the one quiver machine. It is exactly that!! It handles better than the CRF 450, however doesnt have the power obviously. It has plenty of power, but not like that of a 450. I can still ht all the jumps and rail corners faster now. I have the rear setup with a quick spring adjuster (xtrig style). I crank it down to MX sag and turn all compression in when hitting the track. I also crank up the PSI in the fork and dial in compression most of the way. This bike is awesome on trails, high speed desert, and anything else you can throw at it. I say if you only ride MX, there is a better option, however if you do a bit of everything, this one is for you!! You might consider the KTM 250xc or 300xc also. Supposedly valved stiffer for more track type riding. I love the KTM 250 smokers. They have a lot more top end pull. I miss that on this 300.
  12. strokemetwice

    36mm Keihin On 2018 TX300

    Great info. Thanks.
  13. strokemetwice

    36mm Keihin On 2018 TX300

    It might. Its in the bike so i probably won't look soon.
  14. strokemetwice

    36mm Keihin On 2018 TX300

    Try a NECJ on the 2nd clip, 38 pilot and 162 main. May have to go to a 35 at that altitude. Any thoughts on sea level? Nobody ever posts the altitude when they post about jetting. Drives me nuts.
  15. strokemetwice

    2019 TE 300 TPI fuel economy

    Interesting. My carbed tx300 will do 65 miles of high mtn not leisure riding and still have plenty left when I get back to camp. I haven't hit reserve yet