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  1. This should be everybody's theme song. Nothing better than listening to this right before a harescramble or a moto, hahahahahahaha.
  2. Thank you for the help. That's all I needed was a name of somebody who made them.
  3. Where do you get them? I've heard people talk about them, but don't know where. I've tried googling it and checking various websites, but I haven't had any luck at running across them. I was considering buying one for my bike as I have read the EFI can be kinda picky.
  4. I don't need to, I've done fine so far. Just out of curiosity, why wouldn't you (in general) finance it?
  5. Yeah, but I'm saying if I did pay it in full, I would have been in trouble, instead of just financing, or even putting the few grand down. Just imagine if I didn't have those few grand right now? I'm sorry, but I see way more benefit to finance the bike. Actually I was using 20% as a figure of speech, because he used the number 20% so I just took 20 and ran with it, of course I don't seriously mean 20%. Yes, I do have a house, it's nothing amazing, but it's ok for a first one.
  6. Uh, just imagine if I paid that bike in full? Then I woulda lost basically everything I owned because I wouldn't have hardly any money because I paid in full for a bike? I don't know about you but I'd rather have a house and a vehicle than a dirt bike. They made financing for a reason. Plus, no, my payment is only 100 bucks a month, so not all the money I have is going to a payment. Also, let's say I did pay it in full... I will repeat what you said now... what happens if I do run out of money and still have no job? Borrow more? Me financing that bike is letting me use my saved money to pay for other things actually. It is also extending the amount of time I have to find a job so I won't have to borrow more.
  7. Honestly, after what you said about the advanced suspension and all, and how much it actually means, I'd just buy a new one. There are many advantages to buying a new one. The one thing I would do though if you do happen to buy a new one is... FINANCE the bike. I will tell you why in my opinion I think you should... ok, first off, you're 19, at your age, you need to build your credit while you are young because, if you don't, you will have a high interest rate like for a house. Now, I would rather be paying 20% interest on a $7000? machine that I only had financed for a couple or few years instead of paying 20% on a 30 year mortgage. The interest you would put into that house would be pretty much just as expensive as the house! Whereas the bike you would put like $6000 back into it (these are just rough numbers). Like I said, build it while you are young, while you are not paying for everything like houses, insurance and all that, that way you will have a much lower interest rate when it comes time for a house or whatever. Also, I will tell you another reason, and this is why I'm so glad I financed mine, ok, well, I saved up a few grand and decided to buy a new bike, well, although I had a few grand saved up, I decided to finance my bike anyways to build my credit even more etc. Well, out of the blue I got laid off like a couple months or whatever after I bought my bike and guess what? Now I'm living off of the money I had saved for my bike while I look for a job. So I can say financing really helped me big time. That's why they came up with financing... it's there for a reason. Sorry man, I wasn't ragging you because you were young, I'm just saying I was in your shoes exactly, I know how it feels, I'm just 22. Finance something small like a dirt bike while your credit is low. That is the best way to start building your credit.
  8. Oh ok, that explains it, because the first and last thumper I had was a Honda.
  9. In my opinion, I'd say either way is a good idea. Here's some food for thought though, just because it's a couple years old doesn't mean it won't junk up when you get it, even if it looks clean etc., you just truly never know. To me, there's no better feeling than knowing my ass is the first one in the saddle. Also, have you ever thought about buying a leftover? Like say, a 2011 model? It's still a new bike, but you can somewhat get them for prices of some used bikes.
  10. Look at that seat... I'd hate to land 2 inches to the front or back...
  11. Oooh, ok. Thanks guys. No wonder I was so lost. Is everybody doing this now? Dang, I need to crawl out from under my rock every once in a while. I guess I will have to set all of my tranny oil to the side now.
  12. Pardon me, I know this is probably gonna sound like a crazy question, this is my first KTM 4 stroke so you can't hate too hard, but do (2012 250SX-F) KTM transmissions really lubricate off of the engine oil? I checked the manual and it never said anything about tranny oil and I checked on here and couldn't find anything either. So, I mean common sense would tell me that my bike doesn't take tranny oil. I just wanted to make sure with you guys cause I'd hate to ruin a new bike.
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