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  1. I'm just about to order the same kit. looks good
  2. Im not a fan of clear tanks either, however I'm probably going to start racing mran and its nice to see where the gas level is at incase I would need to pit and refuel. Its a 2.6 gallon, so a tad more than a gallon over stock.
  3. Just threw a desert tank and hydraulic clutch on my 13
  4. I just bought a 250f to turn into a track bike. It was an AMA girls practice bike so it came with some nice parts. It has a titanium FMF 4.1 exhaust with megabomb, gytr clutch, high comp piston, enzo suspension, and some "bling" parts. First thing I did was take the suspension to Reno Motorsports to get it revaled for my weight, (the front was really stiff and the rear shock would bottom out on bumps) So far Ive bought a new chain and sprocket, grips, throttle tube, air filter, and changed the oil. Heres what my friends garage looks like now, the honda 450 is also mine. [
  5. orrrrrrrrr buy my duel drd carbon exhaust and save money to put towards other mods
  6. why bring back a thread from 2007?... theres plenty of other threads to show your bikes.
  7. That looks good. My mechanic made a similar one but used a rmz450 motor and frame. Pretty cool track bikes
  8. Damn man that sucks, how do you rack up that many hours? glad to see you got it back!
  9. Exactly what DEMI said, at least you did it. My first couple races I got dead last. But it was still a ton of fun.
  10. Man I need to start riding with you guys. Every time I go to apex I end up doing the same thing and get bored quickly. Need people to adventure with. When do you and your friends usually go out?
  11. Guess I'll get the tm designs one, might as well get one thatll last longer.
  12. Im in need of a new chain slider since my chain stretched a lot and burned through it and I went to the dealers and nobody has them, searched rocky mountain and they only have up to 2012. I know honda made a new swing arm for the 13's but will a 2012 chain slider work? or do I have to pay the extra money and get a tm design one.
  13. the best one I have. Its the strip in the background
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