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  1. i want to know as well. w e have the same bike. is that skid plate better than the one for the 07 450? whats nice about the wr skid plate?
  2. Just trashed my header pipe while taking a spill in some rocks. It was almost pinched shut. The bike sounded a lot deeper, and i didnt have much power in the upper gears. I had to ride 30 miles back to camp. Could this have damaged the Bike at all? I kept in in a high gear and tried to cruise......also. looking for a new pipe. Preferably a stock pipe. What years will match my 07? can i get a stock pipe from a WR? and what price range should i be looking at? thanks in advance. Trevor
  3. i have the same issue with my 07 yz 450. i was told by some buddies it wont hurt the bike. When i rode in higher elevation, it went away....my guess would be its running too rich on oxygen....sorry not much help oh and it came back when i rode in so cal low elevation
  4. what about full synthtic? the guy at my local yamaha store said to use 10-50 full synthetic. the kind he recomennded was for steet bikes i think. He recomennded it over the yamalube oil. he said something about when doing lots of trail riding the yamalube oil foams up.....i just took his word, and bought the full synthetic oil......also i have a buddy that uses diesel oil in his KTM. he said it works better and you can get a gallon of it for ten bucks....any word on either of these two opinions???
  5. Sorry i am no expert...thats not very thick right? could i have worn through it that easy?
  6. 07 yz 450...While changing the oil, i had to force off the oil drain bolt on the starter side of the bike. i had to take the oil drain bolt with vice grips. after finishing i noticed that the bottom cover above the oil drain bolt was worn away. about a M&M size amout was worn away by the vice grips. there is also a crack in side the worn part of the cover. it appears that there is oil leaking from this crack. i am guessing it is leaking for this, or it could be from the copper crush washer. i put the old washer on the new oil drain plug bolt. is the bottom of the oil tank thin enough that i could have put a crack in it? i put a little jb weld on the crack. after it dries i will put oil back in the bike to see if it holds. has anyone else ever seen this before? thanks
  7. hey brian and grey- i used the time sert kit today. after finding a tap wrench i started and finished in about 15 mins. it wasnt that hard at all. i was just nervous cause i didnt want to screw it up. thanks for all the help. the videos helped too. i am not a gear head by any means but i was able to get it done without asking a mechanic to do it for me. thanks again!
  8. ok. sounds good. i actually poured some old oil down it the other day (because i was switching to full synthetic) the oil came out the right side of the bike. The drain bolt that is stripped is the left side. How would i get oil to flush out shavings on that side?
  9. This kit, how does it work? will i be putting shavings into my oil tank? Everyone i ask says this is not an easy task to do...
  10. after dealing with other issues.....i changed the oil on my 07 yz450. the oil drain bolt on the left side of the bike came off real easy. when i put it back on it did not want to tighten. i think the guy that i just bought the bike from had stripped it and didnt deal with it. i got it as tight as i could. (a bit more than hand tight) then rode it for a while. it was seaping out around the plug. Can i use some Teflon tape for a quick fix? i know i prob need a Heli coil put in...but will this work for now?
  11. Cool. I will try this. My buddy said it could be a bad impeller. He said to take the cap off and start the bike to see if the fluid is moving at all. Thanks for the responses.
  12. 07 yz450....i need help. last week i was in idaho (temp was 0-15 outside) when i started the bike it leaked coolant out the weep hole. when the bike warmed up it stopped. this happened 4 times. came home to so cal. no leaks. went for a ride in gorman. on a real tight trail in 1st gear, when i got to the top and let it idle, it started spewing coolant out the overflow tube. i understand it was prob because the bike wasnt getting air.....so i came home changed the oil and did the air filer. then started the bike to check for leaks. nothing. but as i let it idle to burn the fuel out of the carbeurator, it spewed coolant out for a good 45-60 seconds till the bike shut off.....my question is why is this happening? can i ride in with the bike doing this? thanks in advance
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