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  1. durtslinger

    My name is Bruce and I'm a sumo-retard.

    I bought a gas guzzling boat and a diesel truck so I now work for petrol and spend the left overs on unimportant stuff (mortgage, food, utilities, etc...) I should ride the KTM to work to save on some gas but I am pretty sure I would lose my D.L. in about 33 minutes. For some reason cops can’t seem to appreciate a nice wheelie or stoppy.
  2. durtslinger

    My name is Bruce and I'm a sumo-retard.

    I forgot what dirt tastes like since I slapped on the 17"s.
  3. durtslinger

    New bike help for DonO.....

    I dont know if you have enough stamps on your man card to handle the 525.
  4. durtslinger

    wheelie machines on the road

    I have a tagged KTM 525 MXC in supermoto trim that can outwheelie just about anything.
  5. durtslinger

    GSXR or R6???

    This is what you need.
  6. durtslinger

    Street Bikes

    sounds like I hit the nail on the head.
  7. durtslinger

    Street Bikes

    Another typical self proclaimed "streetbike expert"/\/\/\ This guy is probably one of the people who hates on guys who ride wheelies but secretly wishes he had the balls to try it. These types are a dime a dozen. All of the 600s are fast, and they all have thier strongpoints. Knowing how I acted on my first ride, I don't know that I would be willing to cut my son loose on a 600 at 16, but maturity levels differ among young men. My favorite 600 is the Kawi 6rr. I have ridden liter bikes for the past 13 years and I still have a blast on my buddies zx6rr. A great way to get started would be to pick up a $3,000 track bike and do track days for a while. You will learn a ton regarding throttle and brake control, turning, etc... but traffic offers a whole new bag of surprises. I actually have more fun on my supermoto on the street than my RC-51- maybe that could be an option for you?
  8. durtslinger

    Street Bikes

    the new 600's are decent, and fast enough to get you a ticket, hurt or even killed- so is a 250 Ninja if you are not sensible and attentive. Theft is the reason for the high insurance rates on street bikes- not someone doing 100+ mph on a desolate public roadway. I on the other hand-enjoy making a bad name for the rest of the street bike riders- interstate wheelies, running from cops, etc...). I really do not care about the "perception" of people I do not know. I got a CBR900RR when I was 17 and have been riding ever since with only 1 accident (car pulled out in front of me) and 1 ticket. I am 31 now. I can't count the number of close calls. No matter the size or power of the bike- it will be the amount of attention focused on your surroundings that will determine how long you last on the street. Steenboks will only react to how much you twist the throttle or mash the brakes- so I do not see how displacement is even an issue. The bike does not have a mind of its own. If you are really concerned if the hot chick 3 cars back sees you on your rocket more than the upcoming intersection, you will not last too long. Self proclaimed "street bike experts" are usually the ones who are the least fun to ride with, but riding with a bunch of squids will get you killed. Remember this- just like riding in the dirt- it will only be a matter of time before you will bite it on the street as well. Have fun, be careful, and don't do burn outs- they are gay and expensive.
  9. durtslinger

    Your favorite Florida/Georgia riding spots

    if you like a challenge you have to check out Beasly's Knob, if you are mildly insane- go there after it rains.
  10. durtslinger

    Croom for plated bikes?

    google earth? Man, you gotta get out of that house and get some dirt on your face before it gets to be 110 degrees outside. If you like tight technical trails- go to the north of the park. If you get turned around-just ride until you get to a fence or a perimeter road and follow it for a few miutes and you will find yourself at a landmark that will lead you where you want to go. The place is not all that big! Now if you go to Big Scrub (Ocala) and get lost- it might take you a couple of days to get back to the truck.
  11. durtslinger

    Croom for plated bikes?

    there are plenty of enjoyable trails- you just gotta get off the f-wheeler roads. Go to the northern and eastern end of the park- stay away from the sand pit!
  12. durtslinger

    Tagging a SM in Florida

    you could always just buy my tagged 05 KTM 525. I imagine it might even be a little more fun to ride than the old DRZ.
  13. durtslinger

    3/31 - 4/1 Where is anybody going (DonO)

    I hope you are thinking Orange for your new bike. You will be wondering why you didn't do it sooner! (I do think they make a powder-puff model that will suit your needs- there is even room on the # plates for your Handicapped Sticker!)
  14. durtslinger

    Show me your pics of you KTM 525 Supermoto!

    That headlight is better than any other I have tried (baja designs, KTM Hardparts). I usually ride with the spotlight in the evening and the highbeam during the day.
  15. durtslinger

    Show me your pics of you KTM 525 Supermoto!

    2005 525 mxc (for sale)