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  1. at one point i did away with my footbrake and put on the rekluse handbrake.....well lets just say i got a little loopy when i tried to do my first balance wheelie same with emergency braking , it took a while to realize where the new brake was in a 'go to' situation! once figured out it made the balance point much easier to control than with your foot.
  2. ncmountainman

    new can am maverick

    thats what it looked like to me....a half scale trophy truck!
  3. ncmountainman

    new can am maverick

    the cool factor alone would be worth any nightmares. if i lived any where near a desert, i'd be; well........ probably divorced now that i put a little more thought into it!
  4. ncmountainman

    new can am maverick

    it should have linked you to the whole website......fify. http://can-am.brp.com/off-road/maverick-x3.html
  5. ncmountainman

    new can am maverick

    anyone have one of these X3's yet? bad azz doesn't even begin to descrbe it, but........over $20k i think my manhood would be intact with that quad ! http://can-am.brp.com/off-road/maverick-x3.html
  6. ncmountainman

    What's the worst injury youve endured while trail riding?

    too extensive to list. its the sum result that sucks .....all the 'itis' that ensues is almost worthy of a disability check.
  7. old people don't sit on the porch because they want to!
  8. arthritis has a lot to do with it too! grammie always used to say...'your gonna feel that when you get old' .....guess what, ol'grammie wasn't so crazy after all.
  9. ncmountainman

    pokin around

    when they first built that trail (i think they called it 'goat trail') didnt it go what would now be backwards or maybe i just ran it backwards accidently. i certainly remember it being alot harder than when you come down from the top.
  10. ncmountainman

    pokin around

    dang....add alzheimers to the list! was that at least your group i described?
  11. ncmountainman

    pokin around

    hey joe, yah, we've rode several times one that stands out was that nchsa charity ride down east ....forgot the name of it but it was early spring and a mudfest you had a trials tire and I had a new trelleborg......we battled a lap or two you'd pass me on the slick clay then i'd roost ya in the deep mud! i'm the one who (inadvertently) took your 574 # ! surly sux not riding anymore... Dono, we also rode with you fellers at brushy too....i recall some good riding that day...you were on a ktm werent you....also you had a buddy on an old yellow big bore husaberg and maybe someone on honda? you still got that awesome camper? i hope to get back into it ...like i said maybe a yz 250 keep it cheap and simple. of course it would need the EG 300 kit! i'm mainly down in the FL panhandle now (apalachicola area) will be back up in NC for the summers.
  12. ncmountainman

    pokin around

    hey james, yah, wore out (and if arthritis qualifys as rust....that too) its kinda the problem....burning the 100 yr candle at both ends for 50 yrs doesn't leave much left and i don't know how to go slow! how goes the boinger biz?
  13. ncmountainman

    Virginia pokin around

    haven't had a bike for over 2 yrs now and was jonesin around on the computer...checked out TT for the heck of it but don't see any familiar names from 'back in the day' any of the ol' ridin buds still kickin it? i think i'm gonna have to get me an ol' yz 250 or sumthin! happy holidays , mtnman
  14. ncmountainman

    sff smart performance

    how can we have a smart performance discussion without......wait for it........ the 'mountainman' ! i can honestly say digressive damping is not for the large framed that ride near or above A pace..... i tried for a couple years to make it work and it would be the best thing since sliced bread until i found each setup limit, dangerous might be a good description. i know this was the 'old' style but digressive is digressive.....good for the general masses( supple and forgiving initially) and road racing (i guess). i suppose there were some moto wins at the national level with daves stuff but i know people that could strap pogo sticks in the triples and still ride like a bat out a h... hey dave
  15. ncmountainman

    Dave J - Smart Performance

    I gotta agree there are some people that can just ride anything and make it go faaast...I ride with a feller called 'crazy eric' he usually shows up on some form of clapped out bike when we ride (basically a different bike every time!) on the last ride he shows up with a stock unmaintained 2000-ish xr250r because he "wants to slow down a little" getting older and all! (I believe he's almost 40) well i'm fairly adept behind the handlebars and was pushing it on one section only to hear someone right behind me hammering hard so I poured on more juice, best I could do was keep a couple bike lengths.... also in our group was a feller with a newer 450 ktm so I thought it was him....boy was I in total shock at the end of the loop when I saw that xr behind me (250 at that!) the last time he did that it was on a twin shock TT600 (stock and clapped) this guy just simply defies physics and wouldn't know HS shock reb if it smacked him in the head. woods....MX....endurocross...whatever! i'm still thinking daves crusade for HS shock reb is in direct response to a need that arises in a front setup that tends to blow through on occasion....ala del taco. granted I've not ridden his latest and greatest but I spent enough yrs trying to tune that trait out of the taco's in various forms of kyb, showa, and wp injuring myself several times in the process (definitely was the suspension) in fact twice over the bars because the front would not stay up. I like dave as a friend/person but as I said this all just seems self serving from my perspective, which is ok as long as people understand that's what HIS setup needs. math does lie when it comes with so many variables involved, so unless we're all riding dyno's the math is basically irrelevant except for comparison to rider feedback....which in my opinion rider feedback and the ability of the tuner to understand that particular riders feedback is the most important aspect of tuning....not, here the math says go ride this setup and like it because it IS calculated correctly!