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  1. ponq

    650L vrs 650r

    I think if you have to ask, you are probably better off with the L.
  2. ponq

    CR500 vs.CR500AF

    You can lurk around here for some info. But they are strict, your supposed to already own a cr500 before you post. http://cr500riders.com
  3. ponq

    can an XR650r do it

    I've done it and it's a blast.
  4. ponq

    Service Honda 500AF - Anyone have one?

    If you have all/most of the parts, how much does the guy charge to do the conversion?
  5. ponq

    CR500 questions

    Nice thread I just bought my cr500, and I just so happen to have a 125 with a failing transmission. It's a little more work to shoehorn into a 125, but it's doable. I will probably ride the 500 stock for a while, but to lose a few pounds and gain an updated suspension, it's going to be hard to wait.
  6. ponq

    They got me!

    Amazingly no tickets on the bike. Squash you in St. Louis?
  7. ponq

    Need help finding top dead center

    Another example of why there should be a separate L and R forum.
  8. ponq

    Remus Twincan Titanium Mufflers

    talk about a tease
  9. ponq

    XR650R Fork vent valves??

    I thought about it, but I don't have money to toss at non performance upgrades. I just use a screwdriver and do it. Not that much pressure builds up.
  10. ponq

    SRC Sub-Frame Extension is TOAST!

    I have my plate bolted right on the fender. It's a quick fix. I also have my flush mount blinkers glued on with aquarium silicone. If needed the blinkers can be ripped off and glue re-applied (done it). I guess if you didn't want holes in your fender, you could glue your plate on temporarily. If your scared about losing your plate tie a string to it. It won't be pretty:) .
  11. ponq

    SRC Sub-Frame Extension is TOAST!

    Ha, I happen to be reading both of your posts here and ADV rider. Do you need to do anything other than slap your plate on?
  12. What does the inside of the cover look like?
  13. ponq

    Can you fit an oil cooler to XR6?

    That's a nice picture. What am I supposed to be seeing?
  14. Thanks, I was thinking I should try that first, but I've done so many things with JB Weld, I though I'd try another.
  15. ponq

    Can you fit an oil cooler to XR6?

    Where and how much?