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  1. As always thanks for the time you spend to scan and upload these, it is appreciated.
  2. As long as we are comparing, who has the better set of ta ta's Erin Bates or Dianna Dahlgren?
  3. Indeed "friends" and your kids are the evil doers of missing tools! A locked tool box is a mechanics best friend! "May i borrow..." NO "Can i use..." NO, NO, NO
  4. Too much beer always brings out the best in people!
  5. This win has to make up for some of the disappointments. Congrats Andrew
  6. The law wont usually be that aggressive unless you provoke it and i speak from experience. Not saying you did but If you act like a jerk expect the same from the law, they are only doing their job even if we don't like it. Are you certain it was an undercover or maybe it was an agitated neighbor! Communicating with an agitated neighbor or the law in a calm respectful manner almost always has a positive result.
  7. After watching it did look like he was hung up on the bars for a sec. Weird. I'm just glad he's not out we need him in for the nats!
  8. Haha my wife tells me as i'm heading to the garage i see you are going to spend some quality time with your other wives! I just smile and ask her to watch all those silly tv shows she has recorded that i wish not to view.
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