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  1. I've had no luck finding a manual and I think I tried youtube as well. Thanks for the help, It's much appreciated.
  2. So I just bought a 2009 rmz and I don't know where to check my oil. I've looked everywhere on the net and the bike didn't come with a book. Any help without hating is greatly appreciated.
  3. I just bought my rmz450 for 2850 about a month ago. Factory connection suspension, unbreakable levers, rad hubs and much much more. Motor is fresh as well. If your not too impatient, I'd just wait until tax season was over. People know and take advantage of this time of year.
  4. I was in 2nd gear. My theory is one of two things or both. I am riding it too much like a 2 stroke or it's my sprocket. The guy at the track also said he would land in the corner if it was pinned, but I promise it was pinned. I didn't have to pin in on the triple though. None of this makes sense and it's racking my brain. I don't know enough about four strokes yet to make my own assessment so I'll probably have the motor looked at by a mechanic this week.
  5. I'll start off by saying that this is the first four stroke I've ever rode and it's been 8 years since I've been on the track, so cut me a little slack as I'm learning the curves of the four stroke. I just bought an 09 rmz450 and been riding at a local indoor track. This was my third time out and I decided to try and clear the tabletop. I was watching the lines of the a/b riders and was listening to how much throttle they were using. To my surprise they weren't pinning it out of the corner. I started hitting it harder and harder and noticed that in order for me to clear it, I had to have it pinned out of the corner. I fir \st thought that him using a sprocket with 1 less tooth might make a difference, but It's such a tight corner to the face that I can't see it being the problem. I was just wondering where I should start looking for the problem. It has a yosh slip on if that makes a difference.
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