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  1. k2rider

    Looking for best place to live in Idaho...

    Whoa...alot of assumptions and stereotypes being thrown around here but that's typical on the internet. I'll do my best to avoid sterotyping you Idaho folks and guess that you're not all racist skinheads with your own compound. I've been on TT for 7-8 years and joined because I also happen to own and ride 4 strokes. I'm a paying member of both CORVA and the Blue Ribbon Coalition which both work to keep trails open for OHV use. I've lived in SoCal my whole life and have been here long before the liberal agenda and illegals took over the state. The main reason I'm looking to move is to get away from the current California mindset. As far as being afraid of snow, I've been skiing and/or snowboarding for 30 years and have had a seaon pass to Mammoth Mtn for many years. That doesn't mean I want to be covered in it from November thru April. I can't speak about the trail access issues up there but I can tell you that I personally ride mtn bikes on trails set aside and MADE by mtn bikers. Based on my *personal* experience, mtn bikers do 10 times the trail work that dirt bikers do. Riding mtn bikes on trails shared by, and chewed up by, dirt bikes and quads is a worthless endeavour. I ride my dirt bikes where I never see mtn bikers. Maybe it's different up your way. I can also tell you that hikers, horse owners and wacko enviros have shut down plenty of mtn bike access down here.
  2. Looking to "retire" in 3-4 years at age 50 and Idaho is on the radar. Other places on teh short list are Northern Arizona, S/W Utah and S/W Colorado. Being able to ride dirt bikes/quads is secondary to riding mountain bikes and just being able to get "outdoors" in 15-20 minutes. I also like to kayak and will occasionally hike a bit. I'm no expert regarding Idaho and have only been there twice to ski/snowboard so I was at Grand Targhee and Sun Valley during winter. I'd actually preferto live somewhere that isn't covered in snow all winter. Does that exist in Idaho? maybe down near Idaho Falls? Give me the 411 and share your opinions on teh great places to live in Idaho
  3. Could have sworn I've seen this question before but I couldn't find it when I searched.... What forums/website is the BEST for Ford Ranger info? There are a ton of them. I just want to join one good one. Thanks
  4. BINGO....why do these same type of questions come up constantly and there is a battle back and forth. There was a study done a few years back comparing Snell vs the European standards. It was re-printed in one of the dirt bike magazines. The long and the short of it was that they believed that the tougher, "harder" shell of Snell standards actually increased concussions. The logic was that the harder shell didn't ABSORB enough of the impact and transferred that energy to your brain.
  5. There's not enough bandwith left on the Internet for me to answer this question honestly...
  6. You're probably right. From the way the metal toe piece on the right boot is ripped out from the boot sole, it looks like he barely got back on the pegs at all before landing...then his entire body was thrown forward as he cased the dune and his ankle flexed so far forward and snapped his ankle. Being an ultra active, healthy 15 year old, I expect his recovery to go quickly if he does what he's told.
  7. Thanks for the input so far...not really sure how the Oxtar's stack up as far as stiffness and/or support in the ankle area. I wasn't bashing them either. I just want whatever is the BEST in the future since due to this injury, a re-occurance may be more likely (or maybe not...what do I know?). Keep the opinions coming....
  8. k2rider

    Leatt brace - any injuries

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I was out in the desert, where my 15 year old cased a dune and broke both his ankles so I've been dealing with him for a bit. I'd say my neck is a touch longer than average and my traps are also a touch bigger than average (not sure why, I'm definitely not ripped, my strength is in my legs/quads) for my size 5-8, 190 lbs. I frequently have to buy a shirt or jacket size larger so that I can cross my arms like a normal person. We looked at the EVS before buying the Leatt's at the shop near us (North County Yamaha) and to be perfectly honest, it looked like it was made in Tiajuana. My son tried it on and thankfully didn't like it because I couldn't have bought it because it looked so cheezy to me. I pointed it out to the sales guy and he said "yeah, we sell one for every 50 Leatt's". I was just back in there last week for something and I don't even think they carry the Leatt any longer, just the Leatt and A-Stars models. I tried the A-Star model on at Cycle Gear and that back piece really dug into my back, which pulled teh front into my throat...didn't try to adjust it so it may have been set up in a small setting. Good luck with whatever you chooose.
  9. My son cased a dune and broke both ankles this week. They cut off his Oxtar boots to get them off. I knew this is a totally subjective question but if you could have ANY boots that are the strongest through the ankle area, what would you choose? Comfort isn't as important as strength/protection. I'm thinking the Sidi's look pretty darn tough... What do you say?
  10. k2rider

    elsinore mx park

    I was told last week that Elsinore was essentially done and trying to cater to the CORR truck races? I was never a huge fan of the Elsinore hardpack anyway so no great loss.
  11. k2rider

    ThumperTalk Upgrade

    I'm not the type that gets into the technical aspects of things so as with the previous changes, I'll just go with the flow. I'm here because I found the website for it's community but that being said, I spend about $3000 a year on dirt bike products and never spend a dime on TT because your store layout is so confusing. I think you'll make alot more $$ when you get it in line.
  12. k2rider

    Stewart in for outdoors

    If *everybody* shows up for outdoors, Chad will be lucky to see a top 5 finish in the standings at the end of the season. He'll podium a few times but probaly won't win a single race....*if* everybody is racing.
  13. k2rider

    Leatt brace - any injuries

    Hey Keepinon...that is exactly what I like about the Leatt. Maybe I've had good luck, I don't know. I've lawn darted twice now and rolled right thru it. I was literally fine both time, absoulutely ZERO pain anywhere. I can't sit here and swear I would have been hurt w/o the Leatt but I still can't believe I wasn't hurt either time. At least mentally, I credit the Leatt but of course, there's no way of proving that. Jason has obviously seen different results and fells different than I...my experience is they are pretty much the best development in my era of dirt biking. I wn't ride w/o one....ever!!
  14. k2rider

    Do knee braces prevent injury?

    I don't wear braces myself but I think that properly fitted, braces CAN prevent injuries that might not have occurred otherwise. That being said, while they may prevent knee injuries as designed, there is evidence that they may be increasing the risk of a femur break. Dr Mark has previously posted a link to the study. You just have to decide what's the best risk for you.
  15. k2rider

    US MX @ Glen Helen

    Well, that sucks. They just lost $500 from our group....we easily spend that w/ tickets, pit passes, food and souveneirs. No way am I dropping $70....$210 actually for my family of 3. I'll be firing off an e-mail shortly to the track manager, lori@glenhelen.com , telling her how stupid their pricing plan is. I actually e-mailed them and they found out today that they will be offering a SUNDAY ONLY ticket for $50. Not great but cheaper than my Supercross tickets and I like the outdoors 10X more.