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  1. i can understand the resoning wanting to get some thing for your money--- more bang for the buck?
  2. ya oops its been a few years since i bought it but i was shoping for pistons latly. that unit made that ktm versitile traction like crazy on soft ground and go like hell in the good going
  3. check vertex i bought one for my kidds ktm.ita a plug-in module and a handlebar switch on the bar you have your choice of 2 maps but if you get at the module with a little screwdriver i belive their was 10 to choose from.he really likes his unit
  4. interesting its good to see your jeting it up after the changes to the exhaust,i was wondering if you did. have you expermented with an intake spacer? that may get you a little more botom mid-range pull
  5. KcDavis nuthing to it i just pounded different butons and asked questions untill it did work for me (although it wasnt untill the next day) lol it was like one of the worlds mysterys solved, i had been occasionaly asking friends for years how to post a big picture like on some of those nicer craigs list full page photo adds.
  6. OK GOT IT thanks for all the help learning to postpics . these are what become of my old 500,s
  7. reef what are you going to run for an ignition on that hot 500?
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