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  1. antman450

    06RMZ450 oil question

    Well, it could not have been the oil change itself that caused my shifting and finding neutral to improve. I change my oil after every single day of riding. It is just that one time that I used the Full Syn Maxima that the shifting got better. I am pretty sure that the oil that I used helped. I will try the Rotella T Syn and the new Mobil gold cap to see if the results are the same as Maxima.. Either way, if the expensive Maxima is the only one that helps, I guess it is not a big deal to spend the money on that oil. I mean, it really only adds up to about $4 per oil change. That is about $8 per week or $24 per month. That is not a lot of $$$. I mean, every single day of riding costs around $100. Track fees, gas, food, etc.....
  2. antman450

    06RMZ450 oil question

    You know, I used to use Mobil red cap in my CRF450 with no problems at all. I have not used the new one since I had heard that it could cause clutch slippage. I guess that is not the case according to some of the posts here. I have noticed something though. When I first got my bike a few weeks ago (RMZ450) I was using Motul 300 in it. It ran fine, but for the hell of it, I changed to Maxima fully synthetic on my last oil change. I noticed that the shifting was smoother and that I could find neutral every single time, as opposed to when I used the Motul. I wonder if using the synthetic is the reason for this. Now, I am sure that any good oil will work just fine. Also, I am not so interested in arguements that one oil will make the bike last 200 vs 100 hours, etc. I ride really hard, I change my oil after every ride and I get a new bike every year....but is there any oil out there that will shift and find neutral as well as the Maxima without being $8 a qt. Maybe I should try the new Mobil 1 gold cap 15 / 50. Anybody have any thoughts on this?
  3. antman450

    What graphics do you think look best??

    I got the Factory Effex 06 Graphics. They look sweet and have the blue in them. The blue is like a metallic looking blue, which I think looks good. I'll take some pics later. I am at work right now. You can check them out here though. http://www.btosports.com/p/FX06EVO3SUZUKI
  4. antman450

    Fork guard guide's?

    I took them off (and have taken them off every bike that I have ever had) and have not noticed one bit of a difference. No need for them. Why have them if they do nothing really. Just liek the little plastic thing over your front sprocket. I chucked that too and just left the case saver on.
  5. antman450

    crf to a rmz????

    I just got an 06 RMZ 450. I also own an 04 CRF with 20 mm clamps and RG3 suspension that has been my bike for the past 1.5 years. Actually I am now selling it. Honestly, when I first got on the RMZ, I did not like it, but that changed very quickly. I have only ridded it twice since I got it last Friday, but I already like it better than the CRF. The power is more easily put to the ground and the cornering is just way better. This is even with the 20 mm clamps on my CRF. Granted, the CRF suspension feels more plush, but then again it is RG3 and the RMZ is not yet broken in. IMO, you will not regret the switch. And if you get the supension done to your liking, you will forget you even owned the CRF.
  6. antman450

    Another Top End question

    Shawn, You have no faith. I got it handled last night. My buddy who works at champion called me back and said he has that stuff. He came by last night after I talked to you with a hone and valve compressor. Albeit, I had to coax him with a 12 pack of Coronas. We got it all together by about 10:00PM. I do still have to put the tank and plastics on but that is easy enough to do. I was wondering if starting it and turning it off without doing the break in would hinder the seating of the rings. My thinking was that if you start it and oil gets on the rings and you do not run it in right away, it may not allow for a perfect seal, but I am probably wrong.
  7. antman450

    Another Top End question

    I just put a new top end in my 04 CRF 450. I put it together dry and had the cylinder honed. My question is this: Now that it is all back together, can I start it to make sure that it will start and then just shut it off? The reason I ask is because I know you should start it, warm it up and then ride it hard. Well, Can I start it and turn it off in my garage and then go through the warm up and riding procedure in the morning or will this mess with the ring seating? Thanks for the help, fellas.
  8. antman450

    spoke nipples

  9. antman450

    spoke nipples

    Does anyone know where I can get some spoke nipples that are the same size as stock. I have rounded off some of the stock ones and want to replace them. I can't seem to find stock ones for sale anywhere. Thanks in advance.
  10. antman450

    Help. I broke the adjuster bolt

    I did the same thing. They sell replacement adjuster bolts for like $6. THen take the perch off and use a flat head to spin the old piece out. It is a bit of a bitch to get out but not too bad. No need to by a new perch, unless you want an excuse to get a nice aftermarket one.
  11. antman450

    ESPN2 sucks!!!!!!!

    I agree, I will pay $20 a month for something like that. More than I would for HBO. The thing is that they did show it, but my cable box had no way of knowing to record an extra hour. I guess I will need to set it to record extra time all the time just in case.
  12. antman450

    ESPN2 sucks!!!!!!!

    I had some stuff to do yesterday so I set my digital cable box to record the Toronto supercross. I come home and sat down with a beer only to see that the entire first hour that recorded, which was suppossed to be the season preview, was some retarded girls soccer that nobody in there right mind would want to watch. (They were young girls, not like hotties that you would like to watch for sexual enjoyment) Anyway, the second hour was the season preview and the actual race was not recorded. I guess I will need to set the thing to record a few shows after the scheduled time as well just in case. I was pissed to say the least.
  13. antman450

    Bryan, Burned...image posting?

    Broadband is so damn cheap now that I think everyone should have better than 56k. If it is not available where they live, oh well. i think the % of people that are in that category is very small.
  14. antman450

    Front Fork Seal Replacement

    Changing the fluid is very simple. Do a search for "crf manual" in this forum...there is a downloadable one in pdf fortmat. Chances are the forks could use an oil change anyway.
  15. antman450

    Fork oil changes

    I just got them done today. (Thnaks for letting me use your garage Shawn_Mc). In 4 months i have like 40 or 50 hours on them. I know I should have done them sooner, but oh well. The oil came out lookign really dirty and there was even dirt and debris inside the fork. God damn RG3 must not have cleaned them properly when they worked on them.