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    Riding with my son. Working on our XR's. Learning to do both better.
  1. Gave the 416, 250 and the 80 a therapeutic mud bath. Took my son and a buddy out to our favorite strip mine for the first ride of the year. Mud made staying upright interesting. Trails through the woods still had ice and snow. Streams were way too high (and cold) to cross so we couldn't get to about 60% of where we usually go. The trails that do have bridges had the water almost come over the bridge planks. Biggest surprise was the amount of trails gone because of the new mine operation harvesting what was abandoned by the last mine company who worked there in the 60's. 2 years ago we saw them drilling cores all over the property to find what coal was left. They started in an area that was a cool campground that RV's could get into. Now that area appears to be reclaimed and they have moved to the next dig which is in a great wooded section formerly full of trails. We wound up riding on a lot of spur trails that we had passed up on previous rides. My buddy bike is my 89 xr250r which I have neglected since I finished my 416. As I said to my friend that we would probably need starting fluid to get it going he kicked it once and it started. That old bike always amazes me.
  2. [/url]] I don't know how much it dropped the front end. Enough to make him more comfortable on it and not intimidated by leaning bike to stop. Maybe one of the other members who did this can give more data. Good luck.
  3. I did exactly that. I took the front wheel from my sons xr70 and installed it on his crf80 until he was ready for the larger wheel. We did not do the rear wheel.
  4. Has anyone here brought their bikes to Canada to ride private land before? What should I have at the border to get them through? If it requires registration I'm out of luck because the 400 was built from parts off ebay and craigs list and the 80 &250 had no titles when purchased.
  5. I googled "danger magnetic field Pennsylvania" and got loads of info. Is there a power transmission line in the vicinity? Mines tend to have huge power demand. The signs could also be placed for compliance if they are using ordinance for mining (blasting) as strong electromagnetics can affect these. I doubt it is a joke by the land owner as mining companies aren't known as the comedians of heavy industry. We went out riding yesterday and found areas where we were able to ride before are now posted and trailheads bulldozed to block them. If it is posted we turn around. I would ask RAC (whom the permit was issued by) if they have any info?
  6. http://i1164.photobu...ff/thebikes.jpg My son and I got out recently for a rip. Took a break at one of the coal piles we like to climb. As we pulled up to truck at end of the day his bike started to blow exhaust out his case vent. Opened it up and found rings were bad. Trying to get it all back together for this weekend. Hope to camp out sat and ride Sat and Sunday. If I dont get his xr70 done he may just have to learn to use the clutch on his crf80 (about time!!).
  7. My son & I went out on the 4th and did 38 miles in the strip mines yesterday. It was my shake down ride after completing my build. Bike starts and runs without issue. By "without issue" I mean Wow, holy moly is this what dirtbikes are supposed to be like? What a vast improvement over the 89 xr250. The 416 makes all the trails and areas we ride seem like new places. I am really appreciative to all who have posted on the forum because the info made putting this thing together a breeze to figure out and what to get simple. I am getting some seepage at the cam cain tensioner and at the oil line between the cooler and pump. Should be able to work them out. Today I noticed both my forks are leaking oil. I pulled the boot and the dust seal looks great. Since they are both leaking I doubt it is dust. It rained the night before so conditions were not very dusty. I had the forks done by a suspension shop that happens to have a branch in my town. I provided new seals that I had bought when I was going to do it my self. These were daaged during install and the tech provided a set. I contacted the tech and am waiting to hear back from him. So if the aftermarket set I bought wouldn't go in without damage and the set the tech provided didn't work should I go with oem or other? The sad part is that if the new set lasts for 2 rides it is 100% better than the set on the bike.
  8. Going out for a shake down run tomorrow on the new build. head port
  9. Completed my 416 build today and took it for a spin. I had oil spewing all over from the oil cooler to pump line where it meets the cooler because I hadn't tightened it enough. Tightened it and took it out for another short loop. I'm a happy person! I didnt use the BSR42 because I'm struggling to find a choke cable. I'm going to take it to the mines a few times with the stock carb before I go changing it out. Yahoo!!!
  10. Brian1980, I have had good luck with threaded rod (or a bolt long enough) to press bearings in. There is a picture of how I did the stem bearings in the pictures thread, maybe a page back. Use a socket as Trailrider suggests or washers stacked up (for strength, one may bend 3 won't) in contact with the outer portion of the bearing and start turning the nut. Heating the part the bearing goes in and freezing the bearing is a big help also add a little grease to the bearing surface. Remember to add liberal amounts of expletives. As a last ditch effort it has proven effective to threatten the bike with replacement. Good luck, you can do it.
  11. Update, I gave up trying to get the PZ22 carb work and installed the stock carb & air box. So now I'm less concerned about water getting in. We have a ride planned for tomorrow up at the old mine. It will be the first real ride with the 70 (86cc) since giving the 50 to his sister so we may not get the usual 20-30 miles we normally do. I think my son is pretty excited to have a more capable bike that fits him.
  12. Hey Racer 187x, Check out the How-To section in the top toolbar. There are 3 articles with descriptions of how to renew plastics and a couple on polishing metals that could make her bike sweet on the cheap. There are other posters who have had good results with paint on their plastics. The best one by far is by ichikawa who reccomends using self adhering shelf paper to do the job. Check out http://www.chicshelfpaper.com/shelf-paper/most-popular/ to see 200 + designs. Check industrial section for diamond plate. I just got some used plastics off ebay for mine under $60. Heck, I may just plaster them with Hello Kitty shelf paper for fun to get a reaction from the guys I ride with.
  13. I have two potential solutions that may work inexpensively. The first is to use a honda key and cylinder like http://www.ebay.com/...ssories&vxp=mtr If you wire it into the stop button as Trailrider42 suggested it would be relatively inexpensive, Option 2 is really only for those willing to make a bold, retro fashion statement. This option may prevent theft because no one would mess with the rider who wears......
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