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  1. if you are going for ever last HP then you need a perfect cylinder. but engines are surprisingly forgiving of nicks and scratches and will run quite well even with imperfections.
  2. MCRIPPPer

    1998 yz250 surging done a ton of tests

    my bike did this when i had too high of compression ratio head and hot weather. no matter what jet it would run hot. lower CR fixed the problem. now it runs like a champ even on the hottest days. if you ran a leakdown and it showed to be fine don't split the cases. if you have no air leaks and your carb is good its probably something other than air fuel ratio casing the issue. look at the reeds and make sure they are sealing. make sure your timing is not too far advanced.
  3. MCRIPPPer

    1998 yz250 bottom end kit?

    i bought a pro-x connecting rod and crank bearings. you will need to get someone to press and true your crank if you go this way.
  4. MCRIPPPer

    Critique My RIding Stance?

    i think the short guys dont get it us tall guys have F'ed up proportions... i think we are a slightly different species or something🦍 🐒 a normal guy riding an 85 looks more at home than a tall guy on a 250 im 6'2" and i have lowered my pegs. i also run "ktm bend" bars and slight rise form 1-1/8 adapters. i run the bars rolled forward enough so the grips are level to the ground. the mods helped alot. i still cant really grip with my knees at all and dont want a tall seat because being able to touch the ground with BOTH feet makes the shorties jealous 💁‍♂️ 👀 but i usually pretend im a trials rider on my yz 250 and maintain a "loose" grip on the bike.
  5. MCRIPPPer

    Enduro wheelies on an SX bike

    interestingly i find the yz easier to ride wheelies on now that i learned the basics on the 100. the yz can be steered around much easier and the 100 gets out of shape alot quicker.
  6. MCRIPPPer

    Reassembling YZ250 Cases

    looks like you might have a 0.50mm over cylinder.
  7. a lot of mazda rotary guys run 2t oil through their EFI systems... in my experience 2 stroke premix is far less likely to gum up compared to 4t unmixed in carbs.
  8. MCRIPPPer

    Enduro wheelies on an SX bike

    i have been practicing wheelies for like 5 years and im finally pretty good. i DO NOT recommend the drag feet method. the only times i have looped out are when i drag my feet. if the bike goes past balance point it will just keep going and you slide right off the back plus it does not teach brake control which is the holy grail skill to wheelie. i started off on my XR100 focusing on brake control. now brakes are second nature and i can wheelie the YZ250 very nicely. i like to roll about 5mph or something around that, get on the front brake and push on the bar to get as much fork compression as i can, then pull all your weight onto the rear wheel with a tiny throttle/clutch input and the front will come up. once you time it right you need barely any power or traction to lift the front wheel. another skill that is very important that alot of guys skip is keeping a finger on each lever all the time. one finger over the brake helps reference the throttle position and really helps reduce whiskey. keeping a finger over the clutch will completely eliminate possibility of whiskey because you now have full control over the power output of the bike.
  9. unless something is wrong with your particular caliper i dont see how you will get more flex than i measured considering pretty much all japan dirt bikes use the same nissin caliper. although the flex is non-zero, i dont think it is a major factor in brake performance in regards to brembo vs nissin calipers. i suspect a ktm might be able to get more flex to happen due to higher pressures generated by the large leverage ratio.
  10. this thread got real quiet once real numbers were measured...
  11. MCRIPPPer

    Reassembling YZ250 Cases

    it looks pretty loose but could just be because forged pistons have smaller crowns than cast. only way to tell is to correctly measure it. and that bore is not looking too healthy... edit... i remembered you have a cast piston... that looks wrong. did you check ring gap? if the gap is way too big that is an indication of having an oversize bore.
  12. MCRIPPPer

    Reassembling YZ250 Cases

    are you sure its the right size piston? are you sure the connecting rod is good? if its loose/worn your piston can slam the head. if the piston is too small it can rock in the bore and catch a port.
  13. MCRIPPPer

    Reassembling YZ250 Cases

    was that a brand new piston? and was this with the old bearings? once you fix the bottom end and put a new piston you need to check the squish clearance. it looks like the piston has hit the head and cracked from too little squish band clearance.
  14. MCRIPPPer

    Reassembling YZ250 Cases

    if your crank bearings are shot i would bet the con rod bearings are on their way out too.
  15. MCRIPPPer

    Reassembling YZ250 Cases

    OEM replacement crank assembly or replacing the con rod assembly with OEM or pro-x on the used crank is generally accepted as the best option. wiseco is also not known to be too great.