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  1. MCRIPPPer

    yz250 kyb46 cartridge valve delete?

    other info is in my valving thread in the 2 stroke yamaha section. https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1271493-98-yz250-fork-valving/ front end sticks a bit better in turns for sure. but it still needs some valving experimentation.
  2. MCRIPPPer

    Rear Shock upper bearing - grease or not?

    oh ok. on the older bikes it has a spherical bearing on both ends.
  3. MCRIPPPer

    1993 WR250ZE Piston?

    what i did is go on the pro-x catalog and found the part # for the piston i needed (in my case a 68.5mm piston because i have an iron liner and bored it) paste into ebay or google and sort by price. found the piston i needed for $60.
  4. MCRIPPPer

    PW 50 Electric System Help

    have you measured the resistance of the various coils in the stator? have you checked continuity of all the wires in the harness and compared it to a diagram? make sure the kill switch is open circuit and closes the circuit when pressed.
  5. MCRIPPPer

    Rear Shock upper bearing - grease or not?

    i grease mine too(top and bottom bearings) every 30-40 hours when i grease all the linkage bearings.
  6. MCRIPPPer

    YZ125 Wheel Offsets for Lacing

    it sounds like he has a trials rim which is designed to run tube-less. (which is less common. alot of woods people run trials tires on MX bike but with tubliss or a tube because its simple to fit. )
  7. MCRIPPPer

    YZ125 Wheel Offsets for Lacing

    i doubt that's true.
  8. MCRIPPPer

    98 yz250 fork valving.

    i adjusted the oil level. still kinda harsh on small bumps but rides pretty good for now. i think i need to start tweaking the shock because some of the harshness may be coming from the back tire into the frame. my compression adjust on the shock is backed all the way out. rebound is about half way (have to check exact clicks.) the shock is coming apart for an oil change and new piston rung and bump stop soon anyway.
  9. MCRIPPPer

    bleeding kyb 46mm open chamber forks

    the holes in the chrome tube don't matter for bleeding. the oil is pulled into the cartridge from the bottom of the fork. just keep the top of the cartridge under oil. then when your ready to set the oil height, pull the outer tube all the way up and then back down. this will pump the oil out from between the inner and outer tubes out those holes in the inner tube so you can accurately set the oil level. those holes are there to lube the bushings and seals and let oil out so the seal doesn't blow out when the fork rebounds. that is if the rebound adjust is on the top of the fork and compression on bottom. (i think that's how your forks are) newer forks have the cartridge flipped over and it might be different to bleed them.
  10. MCRIPPPer

    YZ125 Wheel Offsets for Lacing

    i laced a new wheel on my 250. i set the wheel in the swing arm and made sure the axle was parallel with the swing arm bolt. then took the gas tank off and used a long straight edge on the wheel up to the frame and measured to the center tube of the frame from each side until everything was lined up perfect. on the front just measure from the fork to the rim and get it in the middle.
  11. MCRIPPPer

    98 yz250 fork valving.

    it wont bottom just hitting the brakes but if i jump on the bike hard and slam both brakes hard i can hit the bumpers momentarily. my oil level is super full right now because im dumb and forgot that a smaller mm number means MORE oil.
  12. MCRIPPPer

    98 yz250 fork valving.

    i rode it briefly. i tried the braking bottoming out trick and it seemed harder to bottom out but that doesn't mean much. i need to set my oil height to something more reasonable then ride it some more.
  13. MCRIPPPer

    98 yz250 fork valving.

    i was able to get to the mid valve while installed on the bike. took out the shims to open up the float and drilled 0.8 holes for bleed my setup was then base valve 8mmID 24.12x5 22.15 20.15 18.15 16.15 14.15 11.25 clamp mid valve 11.3mmID 27.1x2 20.1 16.1 14.3x2 25.4 1.37 float drilled 2x 0.8 holes bleed rebound valve 8mmID 27.1x3 12.1 -crossover 20.1 18.1 16.1 14.1 11.25x3 clamps cartridge valve blocked i was able to bottom the fork by bouncing on the pegs and slamming both brakes rolling a few mph. i added 2 more face shims to the BV. then while laying in bed last night falling asleep it hit me that im a total NOOb and set my oil height to almost the max (80mm) instead of the minimum(150). that could be why the forks still feel kinda harsh over small bumps.
  14. MCRIPPPer

    98 yz250 fork valving.

    im seeing what you mean by needing more bleed. the forks still work ok even with the rebound turned all the way out. bleed hole might bring it back into the middle range.
  15. MCRIPPPer

    98 yz250 fork valving.

    i wonder if i could just pull the cap, spring(and its stuff) and just unscrew the top off the cartridge while on the bike. maybe i should take one more out of the rebound.