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  1. XPLRN

    What happened to 'Kelstr' ???

    Well this thread has had 182 views and nobody knows anything about what happened to 'Kelstr' !!??? One woud think there is someone local in AZ, monitoring this forum, who does or used to race with him out at Speedworld and knows what is going on with Kelly!?????
  2. XPLRN

    What happened to 'Kelstr' ???

    Thanks for the replies.........he was/is?? one knowledgeable guy and fun to chat with!! There's got to be someone local that knows what's up with Kelly...........hope he's not sitting in jail or lookin' at grass roots.
  3. Anyone here in AZ in contact with him?? I noted that he hasn't posted at all in 2010 and his PM box is full.
  4. Congratulations on your successful upper chain roller removal. I'm curious, did you buy the bike new or ?? The reason I ask is that the roller shown in the above picture looks IDENTICAL to one I recently removed from one of my DR650's. The roller I removed was an aftermarket roller with the sealed roller bearings inside of it vs. the "stock" loose fitting hard phnallic(spelling??) bushing style chain roller. It also had the perfect looking grooves molded into it just like the one you took off. All you have to do is spin the one you took off and you should be able to figure out if it's an aftermarket unit like the one I recently removed. It will either spin super smooth, like it's got real bearings inside of it or have a loose/sloppy feeling, like a loose floating bushing. If it a aftermarket unit you can save it for useage in the bottom chain roller position.......if that one ever goes bad. Chances are if there was an aftermarket roller bearing chain roller mounted in the top chain roller location the previous owner put an aftermarket chain roller on the bottom also.......check it out.
  5. XPLRN

    cheap DR650 shock springs..

    I see a 10" and a 12" spring listed in the link you posted. The spring I have was used for a very short period of time.........less than 300 miles and not punished at all. Sooo I don't know if it's possible that a spring would take a 1" set in that period of usage but it definitely is exactly at 11" free height. Being as how your a machinist..........start looking for some 3" aluminum round stock in your "stock availability".
  6. XPLRN

    cheap DR650 shock springs..

    I've got a 7.6 spring(purchased from Kientech) sitting here so I decided to measure it after reading your thread. The free height on it is right at 11" and the measurement on the aluminum adapter O.D. which indexes on the I.D. of the spring is 2.180" . As I recall the difference between this spring and the stock one is the inside diameter........which was just confirmed by the previous post. The Eibach spring will not fit onto the stock Suzuki bottom spring holder which holds/centers the sping on the bottom of the shock........ hence the need for the custom machined aluminum piece. PM me if you need more details.
  7. XPLRN

    Highway Pegs for the DR650?

    I have never 2-up on my DR, although I'd actually went so far as to buy a helmet for a GF in the past.....she said it was tooo heavy on her neck......oh well.......no helmet=no ride!! It's nice to hear those brackets are making it a workable reality for your wife to ride with you!! Keep in mind that they do make the rear passenger pegs a great place to change foot positions to when your solo!! I'm willing to bet that it's a lot of fun being able to share the experience with your wife!!
  8. XPLRN

    Flywheel puller part # for newer DR650s?

    You are right the factory shop manual calls out for the part number you listed. I have a unit that I bought from a guy that is supposed to do the flywheel/rotor removal on the '96 and up DR's. Here are a few pictures of what I've got........do you think this is the style tool that you need!???
  9. XPLRN

    Dual Star Center Stand for DR650

    Are you running a skid plate on your bike?? Did they give you any explanation as to why they offer two heights??
  10. XPLRN

    is a fork brace worth $160?

    I've got two DR650's and ended up buying two Superbraces. I'm going to be parting company with one of the DR's so I've got a new in package Superbrace that I'll let go for $145 Paypal, shipped to the ConUS. I think the build quality and austetics of the Superbrace is head and shoulders above the others. PM me for details if interested. Thanks!
  11. XPLRN

    Highway Pegs for the DR650?

    All this time..............do some more miles and you'll really start to appreciate!! Yes, I do have to agree that yours do look better in black!! That's on the short list; do the Muk spray-on bedliner material coating to my set!! I'm going to do everything except the folding silver footpeg.
  12. XPLRN

    96-2010 DR650 GSXR1000 Muffler install....

    `I've heard Muk's bike with the Yosh pipe and was pleasantly surprised. It has a deeper, throatier sound than I'd expected, I like it!!! I've got a Q2 on one of My bikes and it seems deeper than that. Of course when you look at the design/size of the can you can kinda understand how that would be. Where is the video clip ??? Of course the recorded sound on there doesn't really do justice to the nice deep tone of the Yosh.
  13. XPLRN

    Highway Pegs for the DR650?

    Who installed those!??? They seem to be multiplying.........well I actually turned Rick on to those brackets. The story on how they came into my possession was thru an older friend of mine. The gentleman was/is a hardcore riding enthusiast and talked me into buying a 2000 DR650.........as he'd just bought one and absolutely loved it. He has problems with his knees and back and thought having a place to re-position his feet would help with his knee/back/butt issues. The problem was the rear passenger pegs were too high in the stock location for him to rest his feet on without totally messing up his knees and back. He came up with the drop bracket idea and a local friend of ours did the design/fab work to make them a reality. He couldn't say enough good things about how the drop brackets saved his knees, back and butt after he did his first long dual sport ride with them on. I ended up getting some of them also and can echo his thoughts about the benefit/difference they make.....just easier on the knees and butt in my situation......luckily my back is still good. The ability to move your feet almost directly backwards and slightly up allows you to rotate your pelvic which changes your butt contact with the seat and takes some of the direct pressure off your butt. On long dual sport rides it does make a difference!! Heck even around town I find Myself putting my feet back there to change my seating stance. Sooo anyways that's a bunch of :thumbsup: about that. If anyone is interested in purchasing them PM me your personal e-mail/contact info and I'll get you the contact info for the local guy that makes them up.
  14. XPLRN

    Throttle cruise control question

    http://www.brakeawayproducts.com/appguide-6CB03.html Does anyone know if this motorcycle cruise control device will work on the DR650?? A friend of mine got one on his metric cruiser and loves the quality and function of this unit.
  15. That reminded me of yesterday....I rode about 150 miles on My Dual Sport and varied positions from feet on regular pegs, feet hooked back on passenger pegs AND standing up for miles at a time. I've got to get the gel seat from the other DS bike transferred and see how that helps the butt!! Last year on My annual e-day ride I pulled over to document My 2K location(where I was when the bike turned 2K on the odometer). Just a few minutes later a whole group of harley riders pulled over to see what was up. The leader of the pack was riding an old iron head sporty and was very cool. They just wanted to make sure I wasn't broken down!! Great 2-wheeled comradary!!