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  1. @ShinySilver I know... sorry. I like shorter hair, but the longer hair looks good on you too. I am neutral in your poll.

  2. Starting to notice a "chirp" in my car when I shift hard. Any clue what it is?

  3. It's good to be needed.

  4. The quality of my sketches on "Draw Something" peaks at about 15 seconds and then steadily goes downhill.

  5. I hope this isn't true. PlayStation "4" is rumored to block used games. It will tie all games you own to one account. http://t.co/9KjDW1jp

  6. Bonus: last week of what became a 6 month project!

  7. RT @P2Vme RT @Josh_Atwell: Oh SNAP! Just saw the trailer for S2 of Game of Thrones! Really looking forward to that > +10000 > x2!

  8. Concealed Carry permit holders are 45x less likely to be convicted felons than members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

  9. Wrote a Powershell script to give me something similar to TRUSTEE.NLM

  10. Right after setting up a new Zenworks environment, they nuked the VMs to clear up space. No backups.

  11. Atari has announced Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, to be released this summer. http://t.co/0QL6sUwP

  12. If you ride a motorcycle, you know how impressive this is http://t.co/YHBYgqTE

  13. Someone stole an hour from me and I want it back!

  14. And I'm not talking about beer pong.

  15. Wearing a turtleneck is like being strangled by a really weak guy, all day long.

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