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  1. Bolon Yokte K uh

    2017 300ktm leaking gas

    Likely the float level is too high.
  2. Bolon Yokte K uh

    My KX250 is too fast (sort of)

    I haven't been around for a while, so this might be out of date, but Eric Gorr used to machine the base of the cylinder to make the bike tame for trail riding. Of course, it also reduced horsepower. Never heard of anyone actually admitting to doing it.
  3. Bolon Yokte K uh

    1980 rm100 crazy rich w/proper jetting

    Oh, for...., hold on, be right back......OK, just changed the crank bearings and seals. It's still not sucking tranny oil.
  4. Bolon Yokte K uh

    1980 rm100 crazy rich w/proper jetting

    The crank seal is not leaking.
  5. Bolon Yokte K uh

    1980 rm100 crazy rich w/proper jetting

    Okay, I see what you're saying, but this thing is pumping gasoline. Gotta say it runs good when I put in such small jets that it shouldn't run at all. I did have a KX suck trans oil from a crank seal, so I know what you're talking about.
  6. Bolon Yokte K uh

    1980 rm100 crazy rich w/proper jetting

    Wouldn't that make it run lean?
  7. Bolon Yokte K uh

    1980 rm100 crazy rich w/proper jetting

    Float level is correct and swapped in a different needle and seat. It ran like this when I bought it, but with 130 psi compression I'd say it's in so-so condition. If it's not reeds I'm totally flummoxed. But if it's reeds it should be "pulsing" back through the carb, right?
  8. 1980 RM100 case reed engine with Mikuni VM30 carb, all jets, needle, slide, float level are correct. Compression is 130 psi. Bike will only start when cold and no choke. Try to rev it and raw fuel starts ooozing out both ends of the pipe, won't rev past about 1200 rpm. Idles fine when cold, but as it warms up it starts pumping raw gas spooge. Moved the needle to top position, it helped a little bit, but not much. Next I replaced the S-0 needle jet with a much smaller P-0 and it actually runs well in mid rpm, but still way rich on the bottom. So the question is, why? With the air filter off I don't see any indication of spitting back through the carb, as I would expect with a bad reed, or would that be that obvious? Point me at some solutions.
  9. Bolon Yokte K uh

    HELP. 1980 RM100 wont rev. At all.

    Ahh, forgot to mention. Has 130 lbs compression.
  10. Bolon Yokte K uh

    HELP. 1980 RM100 wont rev. At all.

    Just bought a pretty nice RM100, but it won't rev past a high idle. Cold, it will only start without choke. Give it a bit of throttle it will pick up a few hundred rpm. Give it more throttle it gains no rpm. Open throttle all the way rpm's drop to below standard idle. When you open the throttle it just goes bwuuuuuh. It smokes heavily and pumps a lot of gas/spooge out the exhaust. Shut it off when it's warmed up and it won't restart. Pull the top of the carb off and it has gas on top of the slide. Loosen the bowl and a small amount of fuel comes over the top of the bowl. Cleaned and inspected the carb, a Mikuni round slide, probably a VM30. Everything is clean and open. Specs call for a 30 pilot jet, it has a 52. Needle appears to be correct, mainjet is unmarked. Float is set at 22 mm, per the book. Floats seem okay, and seem to be free on their guide pins. Turning the air screw makes no difference. I'd have to say it's way rich on the pilot and is doing nothing on the needle or the main, that sound right? If so, how come?
  11. Bolon Yokte K uh

    rickman zundapp 125 handling compared to 250 rickman montesa

    Have had a 250 complete roller, sans engine, for a long time. Seems that an air cooled kx250 or Yam mx250 would be just the ticket.
  12. Thinking about a 2011 FE570S. Since I usually keep stuff I like for pretty much forever, will I be able to get vital parts for this bike for many years down the road? Put another way, what components on this bike interchange with with KTM XC4 engined bikes?
  13. Bolon Yokte K uh

    Need advice buying 530 EXC

    Looking at local ads there are a lot of 08's, but later years are basically non-existent. I'm worried that all of the bikes for sale have oil migration problems or worse, but is that really likely on a bike with several thousand miles on it? School me please.
  14. Bolon Yokte K uh

    Estimate for sale?

    I thought you were buying, not selling. Wiseco crank, huh? Maybe they got the bugs sorted out.
  15. Bolon Yokte K uh

    Estimate for sale?

    Two questions. How do you know that the engine work was really done? What brand is the crank?