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  1. OK i'm pissed took my rim and tire (Anodized yellow rim) into the dealership to get new tire put on...get the rim and new tire back and i have runs and tarinish marks that won't come out of the rim very noticeable!! i'm choked! rim looks like poop now!..taking it back tomorrow but should i ask for a new rim?...to clean it up?...i tried alot of polishes tonight and it's definatly got the anodized riuned! unhappy!
  2. sorry for the late reply.yep bike is bike together and running good! good info on the carb thx i'll go that route next time for sure!
  3. from what i've read on..it's the float sticking open syptoms seem the same? i have the after market works connection needle ajustment set screww with the numbers and the Boyseen ajustment setting screw too hopwe this helps...just need to take off carb or is it easy to take it off and fix?
  4. Went out riding today,all of a sudden it boggs and quits?...fuel is pouring outta of the bottom hose on carb and when i pull the fuel line of cap it's blowing air out? (Check valve in vent line) stops when i shut the fuel valve,Started up and rode it back to truck...short distance.When i got there opened up fuel valve and it start's pouring out again!...IS THE FLOAT STUCK OPEN??? When i put the vent line on the cap again and open fuel it seems to pour out all the lines? something going on here confused?
  5. yep it was the glue! thx everyone for chiming in!! mucho apprciated
  6. The throttle is a bit stiff and stick's,almost like i have to close it manually.... won't go back on it's own.Not like a new bike where do i start?
  7. Thx for sharing! that looked like a blast!! Where was that looked like the porkypines hills or the crowsnest pass?
  8. Fist off i'm a newbie here to after market parts ... i purchased a KXF 450 and it has there's ajust on the fly cluch...can someone explain how it works what direction does what, I just don't want to go turning it to mess with it because it's good where it's at but thats all i know, so maybe it could be better somewhere else?....but really want it explained before i go messing with it. All input is appreciated
  9. I really like my ogio stand and it's slicker than advertized! My kawi 450f isn't light and it's easier on the back to push it on then move into place. you can set it so the back tire is on the ground,or front tire,or set it so niether is touching the ground.I researched alot and my local kawi dealer gave me a smokin' deal on the stand and the ogio step up ramp so i couldn;t go wrong,and i'm happy with it! I Also like the matrix oil change contsainer,i'm going to buy the gas jug and that next payday
  10. Thx man!...i'll look for him on E-bay! i'll have to take apart allot to change these out CRAP! i new it but my lines are due
  11. My tygon carb lines are getting real dark yellow and hard rock? brittle even?....how hard is it to change them out?!?...is there a kit out there?....Anyone change there's out please chime in
  12. was thinking of the gas can too?...since i have the ogio bike stand and like it alot!
  13. Thx its a 35% Carden 260 and the red one is a redwing R/C mxs
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