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  1. It indirectly does. If jetting is not correct on a bike with electric start and a kick start, you will often find yourself kickstarting when cold, and only using the magic button once warm. Ask me how I know.
  2. New review of the 300R. https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2019/09/17/2020-kawasaki-klx300r-review-off-road-motorcycle-9-fast-facts/
  3. I'm seriously tempted to sell the 230 for the new klx300 as well. My local dealer doesn't have any yet, so we'll see once I can look in person. If you pull trigger, please update us with your thoughts. I'm very anxious for info on it.
  4. If it means anything, my 230f was the first bike I've ever disassembled the carb on. I did all the things you did, plus swapped the needle. I was terrified to do it, but figured if I got stuck, I'd pay someone to reassemble. I promise you, if I can do it, so can you.
  5. Compared to your current bikes, I think you'll be disappointed with the 230. I have one, and think it's a good bike, but if I didn't have a 28" inseam, I'd definitely be riding something else. You should take a look at a crf250x. I had one a few years ago and loved it. Too tall for my short arse, but a great bike. And I think the valve issues with the 250x is exaggerated. I also had a KTM 300 2t and feel it was the most versatile bike ever. With the proper powervalve spring installed, you can mellow out the power delivery somewhat.
  6. OP said he already has a big bore bike and is looking for a small trail bike.
  7. I've owned a KLX250 and liked the bike. It was a little lacking on power, but I'm sure uncorking it would help. I agree with your suggestion on the newly announced KLX300R. I'm waiting for a call from my local dealer upon their arrival. If my short arse can fit on that bike, I'm buying it.
  8. I am very interested to learn more about the new 300R. I've been wanting to replace my CRF230f (not looking for a GNCC or MX bike) and the new 300 may check all my boxes. Can't wait to see some unbiased ride reviews.
  9. I was fairly confident I was going to buy a new CRF250F late this year or early next year. I've been wanting to replace me CRF230F with something air cooled, with bigger CCs, disk brakes, FI, better suspension... I just finished reading a little on the new KLX300R, and will continue to follow the news on that bike once released. I Thought the 250F was as close as I'd get to what I've been wanting, but I may be seriously considering that 300R.
  10. Sounds like you've been around the KLX more than me, but personally I had zero issues with mine. It had 18,000+ kms on it when I sold it. Prior to buying it I had done extensive research, and the general consensus was that it's a very reliable bike. The 351 BB kit is a very popular mod on the KLX, and again, the general consensus is that the bike works flawlessly. Lots of info on the KLX351 here: https://advrider.com/f/threads/the-amazing-klx351.954209/&ved=2ahUKEwiuj9vdwPriAhXwT98KHS0TAmIQjjgwBHoECAQQAQ&usg=AOvVaw2yhVoOeOePLES6GCPFYlv6 I'm certainty not disputing the poor reliability you personally witnessed, but I would buy another KLX in a second.
  11. Wowsers, that's high praise. My old 300 was the best bike I've ever ridden (made me a better rider that I was). This makes me lean towards the 250F even more.
  12. The need or lack thereof an aftermarket pipe is always a hot topic. I personally always go for one for multiple reasons. I like the sound, the weight savings, and when uncorking your bike, a free flow exhaust is part of the equation. This can be achieved by modifying the stock exhaust as well, but to each their own. If you choose to change or modify your exhaust, make sure there is a fuel programmer available for the 250f first. You will need to adjust the air/fuel mixture to take advantage of such mods.
  13. Personally, I wouldn't go any wider than the stock 100 rear tire on my 230f. Wider tires rob power, something the 230f does not have an abundance of. I had installed wide tires for extra traction on other bikes in the past, but I think the 230f is one of the best at traction, and don't need any help in this area. As for choice of dual sport tire... It comes down to your needs. I use Kenda Trackmaster II as its cheap, and soft. Makes for cheap easy tire changes. It's pretty squirrelly on the pavement, but I rarely ride pavement and am more concerned about offroad. I just want to be legal.
  14. I'm in the same situation as yourself. From my research, it all points to the fact that I didn't check/adjust my float level. That's on my list of things to do to prep for riding this year. You should probably do the same. Good luck!
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