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  1. relic530

    Northern Nevada, Nightingale Mountains, help/info

    I ride a ton of areas out of the reno area, but I haven't ridden this place. I want to go
  2. relic530

    Northern Nevada early spring riding areas

    Come ride where I do, there is so much exploring. I ride quite a few areas out of the reno area
  3. relic530

    Somewhere in Nevada

    I've ridden quite a few places, it's has it all. I ride mostly out of the reno area
  4. relic530

    Oil that doesnt cost a fortune?

    change it as much any other oil, I do mine every 5 hours, I run the white bottle(15w30) in my trans, and the blue bottle( synthetic 5w30) on my top end
  5. Damn probably has a lot of hours on that motor
  6. relic530

    Oil that doesnt cost a fortune?

    Shell Rotella T, white bottle or blue. Has the JASO-MA rating and you can buy it at Wal-Mart. I run it in my diesel truck my car, street bike, dirtbikes, quads, lawn mower best stuff
  7. relic530

    Ride 6/1-6/3 Georgetown

    I love riding me some GT. who's going again soon.....well of course on a cooler day
  8. relic530

    Turning a 450 sx-f into a trail bike

    Grab it,if good price
  9. I pm'ed you for riding I haven't been to the Marysville tracks in a while
  10. So who wants to ride?
  11. relic530

    Want more power!

    I owned a cr500 as my second bike
  12. relic530

    Oil suggestions

    Rotella T blue/white in all my bikes and cars
  13. relic530

    2013 crf450 suspension re valve utah

    Southern Utah? The best riding I've ever done was southern Utah, hanksville/factory butte
  14. relic530

    CRF450 Head Question

    If it works don't fix it, I'd stick with 05