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  1. bottomfeeder

    Considering relocating...

    Looks like ya gotta go then 125shifter. Good luck. Irondude, I highly doubt the rest of the midwest is anything remotely like the hell hole of a city from which you came from.
  2. bottomfeeder

    Considering relocating...

    Why can't you play outside during the winter? There's snowmobiling, skiing (x-country & downhill), ice fishing, etc...
  3. bottomfeeder

    lets see some dr's

    I'll play
  4. bottomfeeder

    Here is your typical quad driver.

    Nice come back Potsie. Why all the hostility, get all drunk on your four wheeler ride today?
  5. bottomfeeder

    starting on sidehill?

    Get a bike with e-start? Worked for me.
  6. bottomfeeder

    Here is your typical quad driver.

    Yup, bicycle gloves, t-shirt, and flip-flops. But with the helmet, I bet that makes him the a-typical quad rider.
  7. newman, My funds lost big time the last three years, and have only starting making a comeback in the last year. I would of been better off buying motorcycles then throwing 4k a year on losing mutual funds.
  8. bottomfeeder

    Pictures of your Garage or workshop

    Motorcycling just gets me through the summer till I can snowmobile again. From my garage I have access to over 10,000mi of MN trails, as well as trails in WI, MI, ND, and Canada. A never ending maze of long straights, curving twisting trails, and deep powder boondocking. Yea, I can't see why that would be fun
  9. bottomfeeder

    Pictures of your Garage or workshop

    Ok, I'll play. Here's what my garage will look like again in a few more months...
  10. bottomfeeder

    Why do riding areas get closed?

    In my area, trails that I have been riding since the early 80's on my Honda Trail 50 are now shut down. With the increase of the popularity of quads, came increased use of these trails. The greenies had a field day with the trail erosion that the quads were causing. The city stepped in and has blocked off portions of the trail and stepped up enforcement. These are snowmobile trails that are technicaly off limits to all motorized vehicles except snowmobiles. However, this was never enforced until recently. Won't be taking any more of these pictures (notice the snowmobile sinage)
  11. 2 bikes, a sled, fishing boat, and jeep all paid for. My only debt is a house which is about 50% paid for. Other than a house, if I can't afford to pay cash, I don't buy. Concerning vehicles, I look at them in a more utlilitian way, just a means to get from point A to B. To that end, I don't need or desire anything too fancy. I think I spent 10K on my jeep (after selling my old blazer) five years ago, and I figure I'll drive it another five yet, that's ten years without a truck payment. My vehicles and toys are on the old side, but it's a lot cheaper to pump $200-$500 a year in repairs then $200-$500 a month in payments.
  12. I always get on the bike from the right side I'm left handed if that has anything to do with it.
  13. bottomfeeder

    DS'ing Hawaii again...

    Great pics as always. I don't how you guys can keep your blinkers and tail-lights in one piece. Or can I assume lots of replacements?
  14. bottomfeeder

    Here is your typical quad driver.

    ^^^^ That's funny! Now that guy (in the first post) is one of my good friends, so I would shed a tear if he did tip that bloated pig over and crack his skull. To be sure, I've told him to wear helmet, but he's a die-hard quad guy now, you can't tell quad guys anything. On a postive note, he does make his kid wear a helmet when riding the thing. It's funny the choices people make through life. We grew up together, meeting in Strawberry field back in the early 80's, me on my Hondatrail 50 on him on his Trail70. We progressed over the years to bigger bikes, and both ended up on KX250's in the early 90's. As a sense of fear and mortality set in, I switched to a 250 duel-sport four stroke and he switched to quads. It is nice having the beer cooled for ya though. At the end of the day around the fire I can just walk over to any of the quads and grab myself a cold one. One nice thing though, he still likes to sled Notice his place, mobile home on 40 acres, that my friend is living the counrty quad life.
  15. In a moment of weakness this summer I agreed to load up my bike and go riding with a bunch of quads at my friends place in Gordon WI. I feared the worse and my fears were not without merit. This is what I had to deal with all day. And yes, that cooler was filled with beer.