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  1. really thought he would get a few comments haha
  2. thanks man i can now whip those jumps decent an do no footers an simple tricks ill try an get someone to come out an video before it snows!
  3. im sorry here it is
  5. let me know what you guys think! thanks! and heres one i made last year an hit on my 125!
  6. Holy guys thanks for the views an likes i really appreciate it!
  7. Ive made 3 more bigger jumps since then next time im in town ill pick up a new helmet mount for my go pro im out of em an the helmet i have with a mount on it is broken : / haha go ahead an subscribe maybe even follow us on twitter @FifthGearTapped this year is gonna be a hell of a year for bikin! Big group an lots of time off this summer ill be making way better videos than last years or even this one! Thanks guys gives me motivation to go bigger an better an get it on film haha
  8. Heres a video of a new jump i made a couple days ago this was the very first hit it snowed since then but its gonna be upwards of 90 feet by the time im finished with it! Follow us on twitter @FifthGearTapped
  9. Guys anyone know if it would be worth while upgrading to a fuel injected 250? would there be much difference?
  10. Drayton Valley Area.
  11. Heres a jump from awhile back havnt bothered to actually fix my sled since i prolly need all that extra air to keep from over heating with these shitty snow conditions haha but all height no distance an no snow to land in this year sucks... Bent the back bumper catwalkin haha...
  12. The run in is actually through a swamp i need to fill in some holes this summer back blading it wasnt enough its actually pretty rough haha an its a little wet at the bottom.
  13. Just paced it out, an if u come up short my suspension on my new bike wasnt set for me an kicked me higher than i went in this vid an came up a bike length before the down hill part an let me tell you i couldnt feel my feet or ankles for awhile an i canned myself lol
  14. Keep em coming guys!
  15. What does everyone think?