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  1. archerw

    KLX 650 Oversize Fuel Tank?

  2. I believe BB considers them all the same. The 351 cuts into the water jacket either way, if I'm not mistaken. The 331 leaves a very thin something there. I'd only be interested in offsetting my ridiculous shipping charges when doing the back and forth. What do you think would be an appealing price for a used 300 cylinder, not including (~$20) shipping?
  3. That is exactly what I'm asking. So if I've decided to pop for a 351, I need to cough-up a useable cylinder (or eat $175 core charge). If I have a good 300 cylinder, I could make a deal with someone like you in exchange for your 250, which you could drop-ship straight to Wichita. Maybe that happens less than I imagine. But now you have a 250 cylinder kit that you will likely never use, and I will send a "perfectly good" 300 cylinder to get punched-out at the machine shop.
  4. archerw

    KLX 650 Oversize Fuel Tank?

    So for an aftermarket tank: the C tanks won't fit an R bike and vice versa? According to the IMS site, the '93-'95 R model is different than the '96 R? ... or is that an error and the entire run of Rs is the same as far as fitting a tank? Thanks, Todd
  5. archerw

    Anyone moved from a DRZ to KLX250?

    I'm hoping the difference in a 351 KLX and a DRZ400E isn't too great. Did a couple weeks last month in Baja on DRZ. Trip was fantastic and bike was flawless. Left that rig down south and now need an approximation for the five months of riding up here. Have a couple KLX baskets that I will frankenstein with a 34mm pumper and 351 kit. Considering rig will be ~50# lighter and usually ridden with 50# less gear, I am looking forward to throwing a leg over the KLX next spring.
  6. I searched for a bit and was unable to find any market for trading-in 250 cylinders rather than 300s for folks going big bore. Starting off with two parts (300s) bikes and committed to 351 with an accelerator pump. Wondering if there is anyone out there who would like to step-up to a used 300 rather than me getting the work done on my 300 cylinder and 86ing piston? Seems a waste if there are useable 300 kits our there.
  7. archerw

    Drz 400 E california model?

    What about the VIN indicates it is a CA versus a 49-state model? JS1DK44AX621000**