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  1. ovrrdrive

    Everything you need to know about your TT-R 125

    Looks like there have been a lot of changes around here recently... I didn't realize how long I've been away from here. Looks great. I do see they moved the TTR-125 jetting thread to the archives though and the link people were using to download the jetting guide has gone dead. I can email it to people but it would make sense for it to be available on the forum to help members out. We don't ride anymore (we fish now ) so I don't come here at all anymore. I can email it out but if it gets to where too many people are asking for it, it will get really old. Is there any way a mod can intervene and upload the guide to the forum so people can have easier access to it? It was posted here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/144768-tt125-jetting-and-airbox-a-visual-guide/page__view__findpost__p__8665916 but I think because it's in the archive the link doesn't work anymore. It's just over 2mb and I have a copy still I can send someone that can host it. If I don't respond here email me at ovrrdrive@gmail.com .
  2. ovrrdrive

    TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide

    After a set time you can't edit posts anymore. I had that problem with the post before they upgraded the site but then for a short time I could edit it again but now that time has passed. A mod could probably do it. I asked for some help when I cancelled my hosting account and didn't get any. I paid for hosting for years just for that file and decided it was time to stop this year since we haven't even cranked the TTR in over 2 years.
  3. ovrrdrive

    TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide

    Thanks to CORider63 for remaking the pdf of the guide. Now I just wish there was some way to get it back in the original post.
  4. ovrrdrive

    TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide

    The links have gone dead in the first post. I appologize for that but I've been paying for a hosting account for over 2 years just to share the file and I decided to drop it. As most of you know I don't even post around here anymore. I'll try to locate a free spot to put the file in and add it to the thread, but until then if you need it just shoot me an email and I'll send it over. ovrrdrive@gmail.com
  5. ovrrdrive

    TTR, alot of mods, Whats it worth...

    I agree wit most here. The bike is worth about the same as an unmodded bike is unless you happen to find someone looking for the exact mods you have made and willing to pay a little more. The biggest benefit to leaving everything on it is that you would help a buyer decide between yours and another without any extras. As mentioned already, put it back as much as you can to stock and have a fire sale. You'll get back all of your money on the parts and still sell the bike for the same amount most likely. It's more work but will work better in the end if you're looking to maximize the amount of the sale. I just sold a Toyota last year that I had built up. The truck KBB'd at about $5k. I put about $4500 in the undercarriage and ended up selling it for $5750 which I was very happy about. PLaying the mod game gets expensive unless you keep the item forever.
  6. ovrrdrive

    Fuel Screw Cap

    You have to drill it out. Take a drill bit just smaller than the diameter of the plug and slowly drill through the center. Usually just as it breaks through it will hang and you can just pull the plug out with the bit. If you do drill all the way through just screw in a wood screw and pry it out with pliers.
  7. ovrrdrive

    jetting mod

    Sounds "strange" huh? Can you be a little more specific? Is it dull and lumpy sounding? (too rich) Or is it crisp and crackly sounding with some pops on decel? (lean) How does it feel when you ride it? How many turns out are you on the fuel screw? Did you do any other mods like cutting the airbox and/or spacing out the exhaust cap like the exhaust mod in the sticky? On an otherwise stock bike near sea level as it gets hot outside the 20 pilotmight be too much. Try opening up the intake and exhaust like in the sticky and I bet the 20 will work just fine for you. I've never seen anyone put in a 20 and have to back down to the 17.5. Either one should work well for you after you adjust the fuel screw a little.
  8. ovrrdrive

    Will lightening the flywheel help hold wheelies?

    The easiest bike I ever had to wheelie was my YZ450f. I could ride one for a hundred yards and never get it up on the balance point. I was always too chicken. The bike had the power to keep the wheel up no matter what though. I miss that bike sometimes... I say you just need to learn to get it on the balance to keep the TTR125 up. It's so underpowered that if you're not back far enough it will instantly come back down.
  9. ovrrdrive

    Purposely Disabling 2004 TTRLE

    Run the fuel screw all the way in. Sounds like a fun game.
  10. ovrrdrive

    TTR 125 Low Idle

    Idle screw all the way in and still idling low... You're clogged up. Take off the bowl and floats and start spraying carb cleaner in every hole you can find and if you have a compressor use compressed air to blow the cleaner out. Either one of the small holes is clogged up or there's still blockage in the pilot jet. Funny, in the pics you can see where my throttle stop is a little scraped up from where I was trying to turn it.
  11. ovrrdrive

    TTR 125 Low Idle

    First I would have to ask if you are sure you're turning the idle screw and not trying to turn the throttle stop... (see jetting stick by yours truely) It's a common mistake and one I made myself. The idle screw is the one on the inside of the bike. You have to reach through the bike with a long screwdriver. Turn it in (to the right) to raise the idle... Second, I have found in the past that if the fuel screw is too far in, or even too far out that the idle screw is inneffective. From what I have read in the past and what you've said about yours, I also think you're lean on the pilot circuit and need to go out about another full turn to the left. If it isn't running out further than what you have, maybe you need to clean the carb again and be sure all of the jets and the passages they come out of are perfectly clean. If all else fails try a new plug. Even if it runs on the one you have it could still be partially fouled.
  12. ovrrdrive

    TTR 125 Low Idle

    Good post.
  13. ovrrdrive

    TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide

    Bogging on quick blips isnormal for a carb that doesn't have an accelerator pump. There isn't much you can do about it. When you have it dialed in it minimizes this but it will never go away. learn to roll it on and you'll never even know its doing it. The floats are adjusted by bending the tab they hang on. There's a detail on it in the manual showing how to set and how high. I never messed with them on mine. And the A70 died a few years ago. I replaced it with an S5IS and loooooove it. I have one of the 540's from my work and I'mnot happy with it at all. I agree it isn't half the camera the a70 was, but the S5IS is easily twice the A70. I wish I could go back and do the pics for this guide again but nah, I don't think I will. It could also be a clog in the passage the pilot jet came out of. Make sure you spray the holes and then hit them with some compressed air. Time to rebuild/replace the petcock. All of mine have failed at one time or another.
  14. ovrrdrive

    TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide

    I agree with Skel3. It's probably a clogged passage somewhere or the fuel screw needs to be adjusted. The holes in this carb are so small it sometimes takes people several cleanings to get it right. Lots of carb cleaner and compressed air will help. That bog is usually indicative of a clogged pilot jet. You may need to use a thin piece of wire when you clean it to get all of the gunk out of it.