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    any thing with 2 wheels

    Power Valve????????????????????????

    Maybe it's double the stroke with a cr250 barrel?

    Desert 300xcw

    Running race pace on a stock 2.9 tank, I hit reserve at 45 miles, which is around 52 total miles to a tank. Play riding, I think I could get 65 miles out of a tank.

    Throttle cable and steering dampener

    You can make a firgure "8" safety wire to the scotts arm/post.

    300 XC/XC-W for the tight rocky stuff. Help???

    Here's the official invite. national enduro Round 10: October 19, 2008 Wickenburge, AZ Don Shields Off-Camber MC 10760 W Salter Dr Sun City, AZ 85373 Phone: (623) 910-1891 jshields4553@cox.net www.offcambermc.com

    300 XC/XC-W for the tight rocky stuff. Help???

    The north/south shoot out was last weekend in Idaho. I can think of some Quicksilver trails that might get everyones forks working. Who's up for some trail poaching?

    300 XC/XC-W for the tight rocky stuff. Help???

    Oh man would I like to get this whole group on a trail ride and watch all the radiators boil and brakes cooked and then have a discusion about what forks work best.....as your tossing cookies just to stay on the trail 5 hours after we left for the ride. The XC forks are a modern marvel, in any form or valve. The gearing for knarly trails I like is 15/50. It lets you lug f1st but keeps you in the most importand gears, 2nd and 3rd all the time. Jet it for whatever altitude your at and ride the piss out of it. Very entertaining.

    Idaho ISDE qualifier-anyone going?

    So how'd you do? What number were you?( I was on 24A) I should have ridden womens C class on Sunday, that way I could have had a chance at a good finish. I hit at least 12 trees and couldn't get my head in the game. I had a good day on Sat. Stayed on time for all but 1 of the route checks and felt good in the specials. I rode in, on, and around all the girls from the the US team from last year. They haul arse, are very cool to ride with, and have my total respect. A bunch of KTMs up there. More 2 strokes than 4:applause: .

    Idaho ISDE qualifier-anyone going?

    Where have you been lurking? You still riding? Start training for Idaho today, you got 2 solid days to get ready.

    Idaho ISDE qualifier-anyone going?

    I wish it was just as easy as writing a letter. There's also 125 miles of trails on the first day to navigate. Then you do the whole thing backwards the next day. Very interesting try to accelerate on the braking bumps from the previous day.
  10. Another thing to remember: When you hit the kill button, give it a couple good squirts of gas while the motor is ramping down. This put enough gas in the cylinder so it's not waiting for gas from the carb to fire. Also: When you pull in the clutch, don't let it out again. Your wanting all the flowing oil between the plates for less sticktion. (don't sit there and get anxious for the start and play with your clutch lever. It's a really bad habit to break but makes a huge difference).

    Idaho ISDE qualifier-anyone going?

    Yep, there's a whole host of fast guys in that class, I'll be happy to keep the trail pace.Should be great riding conditions this year.

    Idaho ISDE qualifier-anyone going?

    Not unless I get a major operation in the next couple days to fit into the womens class.
  13. So anyone from the board going next weekend? It's the event the XC300 was made for, I can't wait. Should be perfect weather. This will be my first attempt at the E4 class as I turn 40 next week. Those old guys haul arse though.

    300 Pictures

    3bros/KTM of Temecula as of 2 days ago had one of each on the floor.

    Front Brake Rotor

    Anyone have an stock front brake rotor they would like to get rid of? (2008 xc300) I've checked with the 3 dealers in my area and none of them stock 'em, what gives? Mine bent in a crash I had with a large rock.