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  1. iceslice

    Oil rings hosed?

    Mine smoked like that before i tore her down for a 440 kit. I don't know what the deal is, but i also think i blew my oil control ring as it smoked worse then my 2stroke friends.. but still ran like a champ!
  2. iceslice

    Stripped head cover bolt.

    I stripped one of the shorter 8mm bolts that holds the head cover (with rocker arms) to the head. While the rest of the bolts are torqued properly, the cover "seeps" a little bit of oil. What i'm affraid of most is movement in the cap that might cause damage to the cam/valves/rockers, which is why i'm not riding right now. I've never done damage like this before, so what is the best approach to fixing it properly? I'm going to start by tapping it with the stock size, and then if i have to go to a slightly large size. Pictures/specific sizes/links to guides/any other advice would appreciated. Also, what is the best way to seal that gasket? I've read some people have issues with it leaking a tiny bit, and again i'd like to fix this properly. Silicon? Gasket sealer? A "better" gasket? Thanks =)
  3. iceslice

    how to bumpstart bike

    I think you're joking. Get the bike moving, put it in second and pop the clutch. Not much to it. =) If you wanna talk about technique you can use the "butt bounce" action to help the rear end hook up.
  4. iceslice

    My video...insane things in it!

    watching guys tear the desert up like that is really awesome. sure MX and SX are sweet, but working the natural terrain definatly reminds me of having good fun out there.
  5. iceslice

    Do you put on music when riding?

    Its my opinion that if i'm riding fast enough to listen to music, i'm not riding fast enough.
  6. iceslice

    Red Hot 450...is that OK?

    "it tastes like burning"
  7. iceslice

    Ocotillo Advice Needed for this Sunday

    Ocotillo is the kind of place thats fun to explore mostly because its so easy to find your camp ground when you get lost, however i wouldn't go too far because of the heat. Its mostly made up of fire road style trails and washes with trails connecting between them, so you can ride just about anywhere on a "single track", or if you're exausted you can blast down some of the main trails. Ocotillo is awesome for those single tracks, the Arroyos to the north, and the awesome natural/historic features it has (like pumpkin patch). Almost all the trails are well marked with street signes so the maps the rangers have are really really useful. I still keep one in my boot when i ride out there and i've been going for years.
  8. iceslice

    Deep, Loose, Sandy Gravel

    When you ride on the unstable stuff you should really focus on being smooth and fluid. I think of it this way: when i'm riding on the street my track is as wide as the tire, since it doesn't move. When i'm riding in a harder packed dirt, my track is a little bit wider because i'm squirly from being offroad. When i'm riding in sand/loose gravel my track is REALLY wide, and the bike is going to move around a LOT. The forward momentum you have will keep the bike upright as long as you keep that momentum pointed in the right direction. Being fluid, braking early and letting the bike work underneeth you should help keep it upright. Smooth is key.
  9. iceslice

    Sit or Stand? (riding, not peeing...)

    I consider standing part of the "attack" position. From standing you're able to tackle just about anything and dropping to the seat is much quicker then having to stand up. Just about everything goes better when standing, with the exception of sandy corners and very steep uphills. Personally when i don't know whats coming, i'm standing. The only time i sit is when i'm cruising, cornering on something really loose, or (like i said) climbing steep hills and even then i'm ready to hop to my feet. As for bar height, it really depends on what makes you comfortable. When i'm standing, i'm bent forward a little bit with my knees bent. Locking your knees is a big nono as it sends any big hits up into your back/hips cuts off the circulation to your legs. The best description for a stance is to be in the "attack" positon like you're ready to tackle the terriain in front of you. Watch some offroad racing videos of Johnny Cambell and you'll see how it should be done.
  10. iceslice

    experimenting with front and rear sprockets

    Typically 1 down in the front is as good as 3 up in the back. I have a friend that rides bigbear here in SoCal and runs 1 down in the front and 1 or 2 up in the back. While its too low for my taste, its definatly got a lot of torque. Personally i'd go stock in the rear and just 1 down in the front and see how you like it. Its also best to replace both sprockets and a new chain at the same time as its not too expensive and thats typically when they all wear out (depending on what you run, of course). Just switching to a smaller front should leave you OK on the chain, but going to a larger rear might cause issues. Most chains come wayyy to big out of the box, so i'd just buy whatever you were planning on getting as that should be long enough.
  11. iceslice

    nephews xr4 wont idle

    Erm will it idle with the throttle open, or does it just fire up and die? The idle control on the side of the carb simply sets the throttle open slightly.. so i'd look at that first.
  12. iceslice


    Heh going from slightly funny to not funny at all.
  13. iceslice

    New xr motor kaput after 30 miles. Help!

    This all sounds really shady to me. I'd start contacting the BBB and Honda directly to make sure you're being pushed in the right direction. Express your concern that this shop isn't taking care of you in a timely manner, and it seems like they're not taking care of the entire problem.
  14. iceslice

    Brake Slide?

    I don't think this is a technique someone can really TELL you how to do. You grab up some rear brake, kick the back end out, transition from brake to gas and ride it out. How much/how little of each will depend on the turn, how much momentem you need to lose, what you need to dodge ect. Personally when i visualize an awesome slide into a turn i think of johnny cambell or a bunch of super moto guys diving into corners. Personally techniques like this are what embody "style", and i'm guessing THAT doesn't from reading posts on a forum. I'd suggest finding a fun corner and try hitting it over and over again different ways until you feel comfortable kicking the rear end out on entry. Then work on transfering your braking to accelerating out of the corner, and you'll have it down.
  15. iceslice

    Riding in Sand - East Texas Sand

    Like Orlando said the key to riding sand is body positioning. Ontop of what he said, i'd focus on where you're initiating your turn. When i need to visualize my self riding through a hairy sandy section, i try to think of my self as "flowing" through it. Its important to make fluid motions and not jerk the bike around as you'll lose momentum or knife and go down. Another thing i'd suggest is getting your braking and line setup done REALLY early (as in over compensate in the beginning). This will allow you to really focus on leaning/gassing out of the corner and keep you OFF the brakes in the corner. Like orlando said, turning through should be done by throttle control.. which is tons of fun in it self.