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  1. WWalker

    most fun bike

    What year ZX10? The 04-05 model was a bad bitch! A beast in even the most capable hands. 675 prob best sounding sport bike ever made. I agree that litre bikes fun due to the fact at even 1/4 throttle it's insane....10k rpm = hyper drive. I currently have a Yamaha FZ1....not quite the same as the big Gixxer but can still get down the road.
  2. WWalker

    What progression of kids bikes?

    Man I totally agree! My boy was on a DRZ110 and was getting too big for it so I picked up a KLX125. KLX is just a tad too big but when we had both he absolutely refused to ride the 110....called it a baby bike...so I sold it. We have had the 125 for almost 1.5yrs and he's still not tall enough for it and not completely comfortable on it. He has actually regressed in his riding. However, last time out riding I brought my wife's TTR90 and his 125....he rode the 90 all day and had so much fun!
  3. WWalker

    most fun bike

    I have a little XR200 that is an absolute blast to ride! I agree with others that the small bore smokers are fun as hell! Big bore sport bikes are fun but I went from GSX-R 1000 down to a 7-fiddy for track day use....smaller is better on the track.[emoji106]
  4. WWalker

    new project

    Nice work![emoji106]
  5. WWalker

    Best Way To Change MX Tires

    Oh yeah it took like 40 mins to get the old tire off...never again without heat will I do this. Both tires are IRC VE33. Those things have some badass sidewalls.
  6. WWalker

    Best Way To Change MX Tires

    Baja No Pinch and spoons for me with a 5 gal bucket. However, I just did a tire change yesterday and it was a real pain....literally. I've only done them in warmer weather...never in colder temps. Warm tires make everything so much easier. I envy all you guys who say you can do a tire change in 5 mins with two 8"spoons while drinking a beer, cooking dinner, mounting an exterior light fixture and doing a valve adjustment. So much talent in here!
  7. Def a good price. I paid $1100 for a very clean KLX125 (same exact bike as DRZ). Good luck!
  8. WWalker

    Non-Dirt Bike Kids

    I have a 12yo who has been riding since age 5 but at this point in time it is "all other hobbies vs. Fortnite". Thankfully we were able to ride yesterday[emoji23]. But seriously I am happy that he's a pretty well-rounded kid.
  9. My goodness I have no idea what the issue is with the Tacoma and the frame rust issue. I live approximately .9 miles from the beach. My 1993 Toyota truck had 200k+ on in when I sold it in 2003....I still see the damn thing driving around! My '03 Taco had over 110k on it when I sold it in 2012. No issues whatsoever.
  10. WWalker

    limitations of a dirtbikes?

    Quad will definitely give you more credibility in the campground/staging area! Those guys really rip in the hard, flat, heavily populated areas and can create way more dust than a dirt bike!
  11. WWalker

    Xr200r worth getting?

    In tight single track my '02 XR200 is my go-to bike. If you want to go fast on more wide open type of riding then the little XR is not for you.
  12. WWalker

    dirtbikes safer than ATVs?

    And....the average quad rider's weight is typically equal to that of the quad.
  13. WWalker

    dirt bike for old man

    Stay away from the 450.
  14. WWalker

    dirt bike for old man

    The XR will work for you. Super reliable and easy to work on...smooth power that can take you anywhere.