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  1. Im not sure who is gonna win with this stacked field, but I do call Barcia for at least 2 out of 3 holeshots and Alessi with the 3rd (maybe)! Barcia + JGR Yamaha = rocket ship to the first corner.
  2. Cause it started with this amateur kid jumping a jump on a pro track that most pros weren't even doing....
  3. Direct quote from Fox Racing "Down but not out. Looking forward to seeing you back in the saddle in Dallas" This dude is tougher than nails
  4. I actually want to know the REAL song too..
  5. actually its 5 races in the bag
  6. I will easily bet money you are wrong
  7. Roczen vs Barcia.... Same jump, same practice, same lap. Only seconds apart... Anaheim 2, first qualifying practice. IMG_1234 by alan_hess, on Flickr IMG_1230 by alan_hess, on Flickr
  8. This sounds like a problem. The bike should purr no problem and not change idle. I know you said you have new jets but it seriously sounds like a pilot problem. Im not sure how I can help, just from my previous experiences, this was the case.
  9. Took this shot of reeds bike before 1st practice at A1... LOL in the video it also says Kawasaki. Reed has 2 bikes under his tent. One is his race bike and the other is a show bike that looks identical. I bet there is your difference.... just seeing both bikes and thinking his show bike is his race bike..... OR the just swapped the seats. IMG_0746 by alan_hess, on Flickr
  10. Factory support from Kawi.... So no. The name of the team is Pro Circuit Kawasaki... Definition of privateer.. No factory support. If a team doesn't get factory support, then they are considered a privateer. Simple as that. Reed is border line. He has a contract with Kawi (if I recall) but it isn't a full Factory contract. He might get very little factory support. Maybe its just bikes. Who knows.
  11. Those look pretty nice. Have you seen these? Moose Racing Saddlebags. Only $105 http://www.mooseracing.com/products/?categoryId=2483&product
  12. I love the 16/39 gearing. It works great. Up hill it doesn't like to go much faster than 60 but then again, I am 6'4" 230lbs so that could be different to someone else. It cruises 55-60 ALL DAY LONG no problem. I live in orange county and elevation is sea level so I don't have to worry about power as much as people in elevation. I have a XR's Only case saver that I had to machine down to get the 16t sprocket to fit, but did make it work and kept the case saver so thats good. Rode single track yesterday too and gearing worked perfect... Some people said on here that you wont be able to go on single track with 16/39. It all depends on skill level. I rode single track with switchbacks, rough, rocky, hilly, 1st gear kind of stuff and it worked perfect (I race Endurocross so I love this type of terrain). The gearing you don't notice to much of a difference in 1st and 2nd but when you get up to 4th and 5th, then it starts to pull nicely. Rode 120 miles yesterday and it was great! Things I have done: -Mikuni Pumper Carb -Acerbis 4.1 Gallon Gas Tank -Acerbis Hand Guards -Renthal Bars -Moose Racing fanny pack strapped to my rear fender (I know its corny, but it works for now haha) -16/39 Gearing -DID X-Ring Chain -XR's Only Case Saver -Baja Designs Street Legal Kit -Bridgestone Trail Wing Tires w/ heavy duty tubes -Uncorked Exhaust -Twin Air air filter -Acerbis Folding Mirror Things I would like to do in the Near future: -RAM mount for iPhone (universal mount because I have a LifeProof Case and don't want to take it off) -Moose Racing rear rack -Moose Racing rear bag -Moose Racing saddlebags (or someone else who makes a good saddlebag) -New Speedometer/odometer etc. (broke yesterday on my ride... I was on the road and just stopped working... Ive been wanting a new one though. Maybe Trail Tech) -Suspension (I am 6'4" 230lbs... and I have the stock suspension still. Definitely needs to be better for Off-Road) -GPS (sometime in the future when I have more money) -Comfortable seat (This is a must...) -Swap all electronics to LED -Baja Designs rewound stator -Try to find some Rear Foot Pegs (just in case) Here is my bike now. Took this on my ride yesterday (Yes I know chain is a bit loose.. This was the first ride with the new chain), (also just noticed the rear axle... will fix that) IMG_1014 by alan_hess, on Flickr
  13. So I am turning my XR400 into an adventure bike. On/Off Road. So far I have changed the gearing to 16/39 (works great!) and thats about it... LOL I am looking into getting bags, rewinding the stator and maybe putting some lights on, mounting my phone as a GPS to my handlebars (maybe sometime down the line getting a real GPS), and have much more ideas I would like to do. This is all going to be for a couple years until I can save up for the new KTM 1190 . I mean I love my XR, but I would like to travel the Country/World on a bike and an Adventure bike is a little more suited for it. Im just hoping to turn my bike into an smaller scale Adventure bike and do some Adventure rides more locally. Maybe only a few hundred miles radius from where I live. What are your set-ups? Trying to get ideas! Also a good thread for others who are trying to do the same thing! I have gone on ADV Rider as well but lets see what everyone has here on Thumper Talk I will post pics when I do more to the bike! Right now it looks like a pretty basic 2002 XR400 with a Baja Designs kit on it.
  14. I dont know if anyone has noticed, but it is the EXACT same layout as 2001 Anaheim 2... This is going to be one hell of a race! 2014 Layout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uP32buDzDc 2001 Layout
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