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  1. When I lived in Seattle, That sort of stuff was very rare, in my expeience. Mostly, there were a lot of really bad drivers there.
  2. That is one of the scariest storys so far! Matadors were very cool! Back then, I had a Metrella for a few years.
  3. The coast enricher was on the "to do" list for the forum. I think it makes the mixture richer at low elevations, but I could be wrong, again, it's been a while. Check this site for jetting. http://www.keihin-fcr.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=55
  4. Montrose,CO, where I live is almost 6000ft. I used the standard jetting for that elevation, but I had to open the mixture screw to about 2 3/4 to make it run right. I'm sorry, but I can't remember what that recommended jets are. It's been a while. My motor is stock, except for removing the snorkel, doing the excelerator pump mod and getting rid of the coast enricher. I also changed the timing chain adjuster to a later model suzuki one.
  5. underbike

    Kind of a stupid question..

    Changing handlebar might help. Some are more flexable than others and don't transmit vibration as much. At one time,I had a bar that was solid aluminum and it was great way. Can't remember the brand. Having the right bend for comfort also helps.
  6. Being a cheap bastage, I use Shell Rotella syn 5/40. $21 for 4 quarts.
  7. Utah is pretty easy, but you have to have lights, turn signals and horn to pass the saftey inspection.
  8. underbike

    What Front Fender do you run?

    Probably either. It never crossed my mind though. Granted it's a short trip.
  9. underbike

    What Front Fender do you run?

    I have never seen any reason to change the front fender when there are so many other things I could do. By the way, on a forum, using capital letters is considered to yell.
  10. KTM 300EXC for dirt. Ducati 2014 Multistrada for street.
  11. underbike

    drz400e extended fuel screw

    I put a non flex one in my E. No Dremeling needed. It's kind of a tight fit fot my fingers' but it works well and far better than the stock one.
  12. underbike

    My First DRZ 400e

    Installing new fork seals is not a hard job. Go to Home depot and buy some pvc pipe the right size for tyour forks. Use it to drive the seals in place. Get a Clymer or Haynes DRZ400 book too.
  13. Relrieving your head might be the best idea.
  14. underbike

    FCR MX idle

    Try richening the mixture screw. Keep track of how far you turn it so you can put it back if that doesn't help. I had the same problem with a reguler FCR.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Suzuki should have just stopped calling them Es.