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  1. Get back to your stock clicker settings and only make one adjustment at a time. Start with your compression and change 2-3 clicks at a time. If you just set everything to what you think is the softest you are going to have a mess. The stock KTM suspension is a bit harsh and the rear spring is a straight rate spring. I am about 185-190 with full gear on and the front springs should be ok for your weight on the 300. The stock suspension is ok but can be improved on significantly. Big time...
  2. zgw8

    Gold Valves from Racetech. Thoughts?

    One of the benefits of the RT Gold valves is that they allow the fluids to flow much smoother throughout the compression and rebound. The stock valves have passages in them that are very sharp (flat machined top and bottom edges) and when the fluid goes blasting through, there is a tremendous amount of turbulence in the fluid. There is a beveled edge on the Gold valves that allows the fluid to flow much smoother creating a much more plush ride. Once you get your suspension dialed in, you will realize that it is the best money you can spend on your bike. Check out www.stillwellperformance.com Alan is the ultimate in suspension tuning...
  3. zgw8

    Just brought it home!

    Its a new chain and yes, I always check with shock removed and now have a gauge cut so I never have to remove shock again... I am impeccable with my bike care...
  4. Find all the bling you can and bolt it on!!! Get your suspension done. You won't believe the difference. www.stillwellperformance.com Alan is a gem! I have the 2007 model and absolutely love it...
  5. zgw8

    Just brought it home!

    13/50 for woods is a great setup. works with stock chain. Just switched to this from 13/48 and love it...
  6. zgw8

    Stillwell Performance

    OK, ride report number 2. Went out today and rode Triangle Peak and it has to be some of the best single track in the world. It had rained and the dirt was hero! The downed Aspen trees were wet and like ice. If you hit them at an angle, you were goin down. I was with a posse of guys and they kept saying how the hell did you get so fast. One word... "Stillwell" and they said my forward momentum was incredible. I was cruising through rocky sections faster than I was comfortable before and making it through stuff that used to kick me around before. I continue to be blown away. Thank you again Alan. You are a rockstar and I look forward to that "tuning" ride here in Aspen. Lets do it!!!
  7. zgw8

    Suspension Maintenance

    Get to know your suspension settings. The best money you could ever spend on your bike is to get the suspension done by an expert. I highly recommend Stillwell Performance. Go to www.stillwellperformance.com and read the testimonials. After I got mine back I was blown away. I asked Alan about fork oil changes and he recommended every six months or so... Hope this helps...
  8. zgw8

    Stillwell Performance

    Went for my first ride yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!! The first thing I noticed was the increased pull from the additional traction I was getting. The first time we hit a gnarly whoop section, I gunned it and floated across the tops like they weren't there. I was skimming across the tops of rocks and logs like never before. I had no idea that a suspension setup could do so much. I let my instructor who is a former Chilean world champion ride my bike and he was blown away. He will be calling Alan! Thank you Stillwell Performance for the amazing transformation of my bike... Riding will never be the same...
  9. Get some black Gorilla Tape and start under the rear fender. Place over the seat removal bolt, along the seams and down the seam of the left number plate... Works great...
  10. zgw8

    mid valve

    Hmmm... Interesting. My 48mm KTM forks with midvalving absolutely rock but then again, they have had a makeover by Alan Stillwell Mid valves rock!
  11. Just ordered mine along with another friend. Must be only one left by now! They are sweeeeeeeeet and fit like a glove...
  12. zgw8

    ohlins ttx or fox podium rc3?

    Give Alan Stillwell a call. He is a Racetech and Ohlins dealer. Probably one of the most credible suspension experts on the planet. Definately where I would send my stuff. (866) 460-0896...
  13. zgw8

    Sag for HS vs MX

    Or, save yourself the trouble and go to www.stillwellperformance.com and call Alan. Amazing guy and probably one of the most consciencious suspension tuners on the planet... I sure am psyched that I found him and have recently dealt with him personally. I knew I was in the right place dealing with the right guy...
  14. zgw8

    Need help understand rebound

    Start with a baseline and go 3 clicks at a time.
  15. zgw8

    Stillwell Performance

    Ok guys - an update from last time. Although I haven't officially experienced the new complete suspension overhaul, I have experienced dealing with Alan. When I pulled up to his shop, the new 4 car garage converted to a 5 bay suspension shop, neat as a pin told me I was in the right place. I met Alan and one of his tech guys and felt right at home. I spent a couple hours there while he tore down my bike. I jokingly told Alan that my 7 year old wanted an apron and a wrench. He not only had that waiting and put the Apron on my son Luke, he had a signed Shane Watts poster and handed Luke a T-Handle and had Luke help remove my rear shock. Luke has been talking all weekend about this. I got to see what they were going to do and when I returned today to pick up my bike, Alan spent another couple hours with me. He even lost a dog last night and still got up at 5 am to finish my bike and found the time and energy to meet with me to go over every detail. Now thats customer service. I felt like I had a new lifelong friend and can't wait to go for a ride with him and really get things dialed in. I will be going out this weekend for the test ride and will report back. Oh yeah, and the new orange factory KTM triple clamps that he had sitting on the bench look really sweet on my bike and thanks for the sweet deal Alan!!! You are awesome brother...