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  1. There's all kind of difference between your bike and one of those. As to whether it will be better or not is a subjective question and probably not answerable.
  2. I just received the KX FI Calibration kit. I'll be going through the different settings to see what it can do. I know I have alot of questions and I'm sure there are people out there who have some too. I found it hard to find information on the effects of remapping a dirtbike (similar to the lack of info on suspension adjustment), so I'll try to report back what I find if anyone is interested or has any questions.
  3. 4mm was the change on the 2012 450 as well.
  4. Here is a KX250 in a KX250f frame.
  5. Jarrad

    Remapping a 2011

    So I have a 2011 and I just ordered the FI Calibration Kit. I was wondering if you guys could give me some insight on what sort of improvements I can expect to make. I mean, I kind of believe a good rider learns to ride the power curve wherever it is, but this seems like such a fun idea that I just have to try it. Right now it seems obvious to me that all the power is in the higher RPMs. What does remapping allow me to do?
  6. I have a 2011 KX250f. I just purchased the FI configuration kit. What sort of changes can I expect from remapping the bike? As much as I know you can retard or advance the ignition and change the amount of fuel intake. As I understand, these affect power delivery. I can understand the ignition timing affecting power delivery as it will adjust throttle response. I guess fuel intake will adjust how hard the power is delivered. The problem I have with my bike is it is kind of a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde deal. At low RPMs it is a kitty cat, but at high RPMs it is a lion. It's like the stock map is lean on the bottom and rich on the top. What changes can I expect when I remap the bike? Can I literally make the bike climb at a straight linear rate? Or can I make it jump to peak power at lower RPMs? Any help is appreciated since I know so little.
  7. I just put the Ride Engineering link on my 2011. I checked it is the same as the PC link at 1.5 mm longer than stock. I've only gotten a couple of rides in on it and I've made alot of changes to my bike, but I think it does everything they claim says it does. I think it lowers the back end. It is definitely more stable in all situations. It does tone down that kick the Kawis have. You just feel more planted. It also does get rid of the wallowy feeling you can get on acceleration, which totally kills confidence. It's worth it.
  8. I just put a PC T-5 on my 2011 and it it just that, snappy on bottom and smoother on top. To get more bottom you can also add a Moto Tassinari airbox for $300. But, MXA did a test where they replaced the pipe, the piston and the cam all together and in different variations. They found the one thing that gets more power is the pipe and doing all three together gets less power. A new cam get 1 hp and a high compression piston gets none. Not to mention engine work can decrease the life of you motor. A pipe gets you more bang for your buck not only in horsepower but more importantly in usable power. The problem I had with the 2011 stock pipe is it was all on or all off. I had to rev it all the time to get my rpms up for it to go, like a 2 stroke. That is hard to handle in turns and makes you slower. It also hit so hard because all the power was in one place and it was easy to break traction. The PC pipe is getting the power to the ground more efficiently, probably the same case with other pipes although PC is known for creating smooth power. I'm sure the other pipes are similar, but I haven't ridden the others. I had a DRD on my Zuke. It was good, but very, very loud and the power was more notchy like a stock pipe. At the supercross in practice I noticed most of the privateers were running Yosh. Tons of guys are running FMF this year compared to last year, but I think that's because FMF is running a huge marketing campaign this year with the TV spot etc. Guys at my local track are even sponsored by FMF and they are just amateur racers.
  9. Ya'll are &%$#@!ing idiots. I just read an interview with Eli where he said the AMA told him they didn't want Wilson or Eli making passes like his(Eli's) anymore. They didn't mention Dean's passes because they were chicken pecks compared to Eli's. And to the dumbasses who think Eli's was not intentional, you're idiots too. Eli made one turn that aimed straight to Dean's line, then another turn leaving Dean. Eli used his motorcycle as a weapon. Dean just slid into Eli, which is the correct way to do a block pass. You'll notice in Deans moves his bike is pointed in the same direction as Eli's when he gets to him. His bike isn't pointed into Eli's bike. If someone did to me what Eli did to Dean on a track, I might kill him. Dean was just bumping around, Eli put a hit on Dean. Eli doesn't seem like a nice guy to me. He's just pissed because he let himself get blocked last year by Cunningham for a whole race to lose a championship. What Eli, daddy can't buy you a championship too? Dean is too nice of a guy to do anything about this, but someone should. Eli's like one of those socially awkward people who doesn't know what to do so he overreacts and does the completely wrong thing. Kind of like a lot of you guys I suppose. The sad thing is the majority of you guys don't even know what I'm talking about. I mean, how could you say it wasn't intentional? Eli himself says it was intentional. But I guess you know even more than the guy who did it.
  10. Well, at least you can read.
  11. Eli should have been the one to slow down. He could see Dean. Dean could not see him. Eli's move was as chicken shit as Reed's in Atlanta last year. Brahahhhahhhahahhhhahhahahhaahhhahhhaaa.
  12. Eli overreacted. Dean gave him plenty of room both times and didn't even touch him. Eli's just lucky guys like Hannah don't race anymore, because they would end his career for that shit.
  13. Nick, What exactly did you do to the Kawi to make is so compact. I have an '11 and it looks huge. I know PC uses a different subframe etc. Did you do that? Are the plastics smaller than stock?
  14. How much lighter is the Ti system? I've looked for the specs, but cannot find them.
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