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  1. So I want to build a supermoto wheel using my stock dirt bike hubs, would buy spokes and rim. Just need guidance. Help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Alright, so gray what do you suggest I do then? I have the stock hubs of the yz450f. Just need to buy rim And spokes.
  3. So I would have to look for rims that the hub has the same number of holes on. That is 32/36 holes? So I'll have to determine that by counting the holes on the hub? Sending the wheels off to be trued is unfortunately not much of an option for me because I live outside of the US. Expensive just to send it in. I may have access to one of those truing stands though.
  4. I am getting this bike on a good deal, I want to put supermoto wheels on there. Is it possible buy the rim and correct spokes for the rim and use the stock dirt bike hub for immediate compatibility with rotor and brakes, instead if swapping out the hubs with excel and having to determine the spacing?
  5. so my bike is up and running again but i need to change my head gasket. i will have it ordered soon. now there is only one mechanic i would ever trust to touch my engine in this country. but i want to do this on my own. i'm on the cheap haha. if this was a 2 smoker it would have been a breeze. now down to business i have the tools and i have enough time. i am pretty handy and can follow instructions pretty well. i have never taken off a 4 stroke engine head before. i would really hate having to mess up the timing. i want to learn to do this myself and i wouldn't always need to have a mechanic around. how do i replace my head gasket diy style and not mess everything up? i look forward to your responses!!! thank you
  6. my hubs is definitely one of the gold ones displayed there
  7. so guys i put the new stator in i bought it on eBay from a bike with less than 1000 miles for $70 bucks looked brand new and i got a new battery and she started right up!!!! thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i was going to start a new thread but noble could you point out to which spokes i can purchase for the drz SM rear rim?
  9. The starter clutch and bearing is exactly for the drz. Without putting it on the crank the fit perfectly together. Everything looms like original stuff a d there doesn't seem to be any physical damage kn the crank taper or inside the flywheel. But before taking out the flywheel everything fit together with the old starter clutch. So I'm wondering why I can't get it in
  10. fcr man, those 450's are running fcr's or EFI you hardly stand a change with that mikuni
  11. E.marquez it sheared after changing the starter clutch and bearing, bump started the bike because of a dead battery and the bike backfired a few yards away and cut off. charged the battery then the bike wouldn't crank, starter motor spinning. looked inside. sheared 'key'. after putting in the key from the XT we just couldn't get the flywheel to fit flush against the starter clutch for the starter clutch to be completely within the bearing. we tried removing the key and tighten the flywheel with the nut, without the key and it still wouldn't fit flush.
  12. i will do that but the flywheel really doesn't fit flush onto the bike though
  13. anyone knows where i can find a key? mine was sheared and i happened to use one from a yamaha xt but the flywheel doesn't seem to go in all they way as it doesn't fit flush with my starter clutch. i can't find any keys on ebay etc. and when reinstalling a flywheel is it possible to fit it flush using hand strength and the bolt?
  14. i had this problem the other day all i did was change the float needle and it stopped leaking
  15. Noble I am getting the entire cooling system. I'm getting it for a lot less than 2 S radiators. Do you think it's a good idea to use the entire E cooling system and Fabricate a mount for a fan? There is hardly any traffic in my country I will hardly find myself in situations where I will be still for even 5 mins
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