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  1. So I pulled the engine out yesterday and am getting ready for a full engine rebuild. I would like to do some head work to increase flow. Stock exhaust is nice and quiet but pretty choked up. Looking for a slip on silencer or ? Posted about this subject a few years ago and it didn't really yield much. Hoping more success this time around. Feel like its pointless to do a bunch of engine mods without uncorking the exhaust.
  2. Foghat118

    08 525 rs/rr. Bar risers?

    Ya I know I will. Cause I'll do the 300 sxs kit almost instantly. The berg that I rode is insanely fast. It feels like it should be a 400 2t. It's like it's the 2t version of my brothers 505. It flat out tears. Plus I'll have the suspension done
  3. Foghat118

    08 525 rs/rr. Bar risers?

    Thanks for the info you guys! Still trying to determine weather to sink more money into the bike to set it up perfectly suspension and engine wise. Or getting a new ride. So doing a lot of math. Rode a 2012 husaberg 250 Te today. With the 300 sxs cylinder and mapping. Want to ride a 24 300 rr. And make a decision.
  4. Foghat118

    08 525 rs/rr. Bar risers?

    Anyone know what bar risers will fit my 08 525 rs?
  5. Foghat118

    beta 540 big bore kit

    I only run a 15 when I put the street dress on her. Way way to tall for the woods. With the 15 on my 525 RS it idles at 6 to 9 miles per hour. Makes it very difficult when coming up on highly technical sections.
  6. Foghat118

    Beta cross reference?

    I'm needing a brake pedal for my 08' 525 RS. Anyone know a parts reference? Or if I need to just order one from the dealer.
  7. Foghat118

    I think it's time. 525 exc question.

    There's no way for me to tell how it was maintained previously. If I was to go by the looks of it when I bought it... It looked like it was brand new. Zero case rub. The only thing was the factory safety stickers had a small amount of wear lol.My maintenance is borderline wasteful. I change the oil just about every ride. Filters every other. And clean the air filter religiously. How many hours would you say 10000 road miles would be?
  8. Foghat118

    I think it's time. 525 exc question.

    What does a leak down test test for? I don't know anything about it?
  9. Foghat118

    I think it's time. 525 exc question.

    I've done it to every bike I've ever had. When it's time. I never build it stock.
  10. Foghat118

    I think it's time. 525 exc question.

    This is my my trail bike. All the street trim has been takin off for a while. I mainly ride it in tighter trails and single track ha ha. But I ride a little street too. And ride desert or 5 or 6 weekends a year. I just want more power. My brother has a 580 sx that I rode for a while. And I want something similar.
  11. Foghat118

    08' beta 525rs

    I need some advice on slip on mufflers. I can't seem to find any. I plan on going to a 570 BBK, bigger cam, boring the exhaust, maybe porting it too. Now I love the fact that it is so quiet. But with all this work to open it up. I feel the silencer will just choke it up and it will need better flow.
  12. I have an 08' Beta 525 RS (yes I know there's a beta section but I figure I will get better advice here) It sports the 06' 525 EXC engine. It has just reached 10,000 miles. I purchased it with 9k. The previous owner only rode it to work. It looked brand new when I bought it. I think it's time to go through the engine. Is a top end enough? I want to put a 570 BBK in it. Cam it. Bore the carb. Should I replace the valves? Springs? Single springs kit? Porting? I would like it to significantly gain power. But I don't want to split the case if I don't have to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Unless you are comfortable riding a bike with an extreme amount of power, I would pass. Especially if you have taken a long time off of riding. My brother had an 05' sx with 580 stroke and bore kit and that thing was an animal. Not for an unseasoned rider
  14. Foghat118

    08-09 525 rs exhaust.

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to find a slip on silencer for my 08 525 RS... Any suggestions? Also has anyone tried the race tech gold valve kit for the forks?
  15. Foghat118

    Show me your...BETA !

    Click seats and beta will become an option