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  1. I freakin love that statement. Made me laugh out loud. My dog is like...W-T-F?
  2. That's good advice I think I will try it. Our ride style is somewhat laid back until on the trails where we get aggressive. I doubt we'll do 70 often if at all. However, point taken.
  3. I tend to have a little less than 35# of camping gear and food in addition to my 215#. I have little trouble here in rural Arkansas but there are times I find myself slipping the clutch to keep forward momentum. I don't want to fry a clutch in no mans land but feel the need for lower gearing (justified?) in this case. 14/44 has given me the best of both worlds to this point. A self imposed dilemma for sure.
  4. Yes, I realize it will buzzy. My only concern is not holding the group up. Nah it's just not you. Do you find the 14/47 gearing low enough to for tough rocky uphill runs? This is and remains the original question. Should I opt for a bigger rear sprocket? or not?
  5. I'm headed out for a 2200+ mile jaunt through the west this August. We start in Leadville, Colorado and then head west to the Salt Flats, back through Flaming Gorge, Dinosaur, Frying Pan and lots and lots of almost lost BLM roads and trails. My 2000 S is still perking along strong at 38+ K. Currently I have 14/44 gearing but want to drop to a harder pulling gear ratio. I will still need to be able to cruise near 70MPH when connecting to various off road tracks. Gearing Commander indicates that the following shift speeds will be available if I change to 14/47 gearing: 1st to 2nd - 27.7 Mph 2nd to 3rd - 36.4 Mph 3rd to 4th - 45.9 4th to 5th - 57.9 and a top speed of - 73. 1 There are only two gears I am really concerned about and that is 1st and 2nd. My current gearing is 14/44 which allows 1st to 2nd shift speed of 29.5 Mph. So my question, is that enough of a change? We will be on the pegs a lot through various rough sections of the track. Should I consider gearing lower? My riding partners are riding a WR250R and a 650L. I have no illusions of hanging with the 650 on the highway nor will I try. So, what ya got? www.gearingcommander.com
  6. Just kinda?
  7. I'm sorry but somebody has to say it. That's just freaking dumb. What a gimmic.
  8. Ummmm "Hidden Kill Switch". Not anymore. JK
  9. Thanks for the expert input everyone.
  10. I'm headed to Colorado, Wyoming and Utah early this fall. My bike is a 2000 400S model. It has the 3X3 mod with a stock carb and jetting, This set up is great at my present elevation of 1100-2500 feet. During this trip we will hit at least two passes that are going to be pushing 11,000 +/- feet and will likely average 6500 feet for most of the trip. Four years ago my son and I rode Yankee Boy, Imogene and Engineers Pass without too many problems. I did have significant loss of power but that was compensated with downshifting and going a bit slower. At the time my son was a new rider and slower was better. I am envisioning having to re-jet on the fly and don't relish the idea because it's a pain in the ass. We will start from Leadville, Co and head to Dinosaur, Moab, Flaming Gorge and back through Frying Pan before arriving back at Leadville. Should I be looking to jet for our average elevation prior to leaving or re-jet on the fly. If the latter what jets do I use? What clip position etc.?
  11. Thanks Noble. I better start saving Newpaper...ha
  12. Thanks Noble. Another question though. Is there anything else I should know about this? What is the total ML I should be putting in the tubes? Do I take them apart and clean the interior or leave them alone.
  13. I did a search for this but haven't found anything useful. I have a 2000 400s purchased in 2009. As far as I know the fork oil is original and this weekend my bikes handling started getting bad. It didn't feel planted and it changed more and more during the course of the weekend. I run D606's all of the time and have for years, I run. 16# in the front tire and #18 in the rear tire. The bike has up to this point felt planted and did what I asked of it comfortably. My adjustment clickers are out almost full, three clicks if I remember correctly. The fork tubes are raised 1/2", no leaks and the seals appear intact. So, I am guessing my fork oil is in need of changing. My weight is 220# and for the most part I have about 10# of crap in my panniers (tools, tubes, a jacket and misc. other crap). So, my question is what weight oil do I run? What kind of oil do I use?
  14. My 606's do that all the time. No problems with performance on or off road. They do however get louder.