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  1. InTooDeep

    Gas Monkey for Supercross 2019??

    I don't think monkey even actually sell those cars for what they claim. I'm sure that is just part of the show.
  2. InTooDeep

    I like dean BUT

    Don't forget to add in gear sponsors. I'm sure they would be glad the rider they pay to race is sitting out.
  3. InTooDeep

    Alessi...New Ride?

    Read on Google news feed that they are pushing for whatever their DA is for an attempted murder charge.
  4. InTooDeep

    Pismo Beach National?

    It was Kenny Watson that said it was a possibility that Pismo had been talked about. That would be great love PB
  5. InTooDeep

    Forkner been put on a crash diet?

    Anyone notice that the picture they use on tv of Forkner. He looks like the kid in Deliverance the dueling banjo kid
  6. InTooDeep

    Will Jason Anderson ride any remaining MX rounds?

    Pastrama said hell no on pulp show Monday
  7. InTooDeep

    Do I really need to say it?

    I also read he broke a leg [emoji83]
  8. InTooDeep

    Tomac? Rekluse?

    Thanks had ACL surgery yesterday and fell asleep b4 watching moto2
  9. InTooDeep

    Tomac? Rekluse?

    Anyone have a link to the video of ET's crash? Haven't watched 2nd moto yet was it in the 2nd?
  10. InTooDeep

    Hangtown MX Bench Racing... Round 1

    KR94 Is one tough son of a bitch didn't think he would make it to Hangtown.
  11. InTooDeep

    the fastest man on the planet

    Seven duce duce [emoji2]
  12. InTooDeep

    Seattle SX Bench racing and Predictions

    Because it's a football stadium.
  13. InTooDeep

    Jason Anderson

    I find it funny everyone in here was bitching last couple years. Now that a few different riders can win the bitching is about that lol.
  14. InTooDeep

    Marv's post race interview

    Well that clears it up
  15. InTooDeep

    New for supercross 2018

    It makes the start grid more consistent but soon as you launch off of it the ruts are there. So gate pick still counts that and the angle to the corner