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  1. airmanloco

    85 XR350 factory gearing?

    14x42. My dad still has one. Good memories of him helping my on it and blasting through the empty bean fields when I was 12.
  2. airmanloco

    KLX 140 Pipe Mods

    You already tried removing the spark arrester/baffle in the back of the muffler I take it? I did that and think it helped a little combined with the jetting changes. It didn't make it that much louder either. I haven't looked yet but sometimes these play bike pipes will be restricted down to a smaller diameter than the rest of the pipe right up at the flange where they bolt to the cylinder. The klx 110 is that way and we drill them out a little bigger. Some feel if you go too far though you will hurt the low end power more than it will be worth to gain a little top end.
  3. airmanloco

    140 Jet Kit

    I put 105 main in and raised the needle with a small oring, pilot still 38. Airbox cover off, spark arrester out. Still pretty quite. This is all I had at the time to experiment with. It ran and start better but not a huge increase. Maybe a little too rich on top because of that too big main. I'd like to try 100 main and 40 pilot with screen cut out. I'll let you know.
  4. airmanloco

    Results from completed Air Box Mods

    Wish you had run it with the stock pipe before modding it to see if it ran crappier than the modded way. Also did you rejet for the modded stock from what you had with the after market pipe?
  5. airmanloco

    Factory Carb Settings

    Your talking about the idle screw and the fuel screw. The fuel screw should be about 1 turn out, this can vary depending on how unchoked you have the bike, the temp, elevation and humidity. I have a 2002 still with the stock air filter but with the back fire screen and snorkel out, and the muffler and head pipe drilled out a little. My screws at 1 1/4 out. Just set the idle screw in a good amount and them turn it out to your desired idle speed with the bike running.
  6. airmanloco

    20:1 seems like a little bit to much oil?

    I wasn't aware you could use a leak down test to check the main seals. Do you have to put block off plates on the intake and exhaust flanges? I did replace the mains seals but am not confident that I didn't cut the right one or not get all the lips turned the right way, first time doing them. So I don't feel like I can completely rule them out yet. I don't think I'm getting enough spooge to notice a drop in trans oil level if it was coming from the seal. What about color or other physical characteristics of the spooge to distinguish it? In the way of more full information. I had a PC 304 shorty with the stock pipe, no spooge, crisp jetting. The bike sat for 8 mo. or so and when I went through it after that I put on a FMF stealth Q (not as quiet as I'd hoped by the way). I also had the cylinder repaired and replated at that time with of course a new Wiesco piston and rings. At first I thought it was the Q causing it but after playing with some jetting it didn't change at all. Although I have yet to try a different pilot, didn't have any smaller ones. I do that soon and hopefully that will stop it. 06 yz250
  7. airmanloco

    20:1 seems like a little bit to much oil?

    Any way to quickly distinguish between a leaky right side main seal and too rich jetting being the cause of excessive spooge? 06 yz250
  8. From your last description sounds like the oil your where using did have something to do with it. Will be interesting to see if smell persist after getting a few hours on that new oil. If the smell is very distinctive you could burn some of the old oil, like dripping a little bit on a hot metal surface and some of the new stuff and see if you can identify the smell as being the same. Just don't asphyxiate yourself, haha.
  9. airmanloco

    valve seat problems

    Kelstr, you like cv4 guides because they're a little tighter on the valve stem, I checked there site, I don't see that they make them, but they offer ones from Xceldyne, are they the ones you have had good experience with?
  10. airmanloco

    which ones are the best?????

    I replaced my stock piston on my 04 after about 100 hrs. with a stock compression Wisco and now have at least 100 hrs on it with no problems. Hope that helps in the decision making. By the way, my valves have stayed in spec all this time and just now I'm having starting troubles, time to replace them I guess. My brother has a 04 x and his went much quicker, I attribute it to his bouncing off the rev limiter much more than I do.
  11. airmanloco

    2004 CRF250 cylinder compression

    does anyone have this spec handy
  12. airmanloco

    CRF250 Set-Up Tips and Experiences

    Just throwing up some more info on the bike. I have about 25 hrs. on my R with no problems (except for a annoying squeaking noise at rpms just above idle). From the first time it was started I warmed it up for three minutes and then rode it on a motocross track like I normally would except that I "avoided full throttle starts" as the manual says. No smoking, no oil burning, carburation seems to be right on. A reading of the plug indicated a lean mixture, so turned fuel screw out 1/4 turn. I'm at 1400ft in SW OK.