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  1. smokeless

    Colorado ride

    Thanks for the info. I will check it out.
  2. smokeless

    Colorado ride

    I will be doing some riding in the Ouray/Silverton area this July, and would like some help on the elevation that I should jet for in that area. I went jeeping there 12 years ago and always wanted to go back on my bike. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. smokeless


  4. smokeless


    Some of this might be a repeat, and if so, Early apology. I did an z-start install on a friends yzf250 yesterday and have some questions for those of yo that run them on the 250. I researched the 250 threads ahead of time and saw the reccomendations for the cr125 friction plates. On his install I used the stock plates, as they were still in good shape. Will there be a dramatic difference if the cr plates are used. It seemed to function fine, but it has not gotten truly broken in yet. Thanks for any input.
  5. smokeless

    Maxima SC1 Detailer...

  6. smokeless

    Maxima SC1 Detailer...

    Where do you get the stuff? I would liketo try it.
  7. smokeless

    a little problem

    Would I be better off just running the 110 straight? I have read many on here saying that they advise to use only 94 octane. What seems to be the best for the longevity and performance of the crf 450?
  8. smokeless

    a little problem

    I have been mixing 110/93 in my 04 450 for a while, and havent noticed a problem, yet. Can you elaborate on what might happen. I dont want to create a problem.
  9. smokeless

    enduro set up

    I rode Caprock as well. It was a gret event. My feelings are similar to endurodog's. I like having the power when I want it. It has come in very handy over the past year due to all of the rain that we have received. I'm 5'11'' and weigh 155. In the mud is probably the only time I'm glad to be a lightweight on a 450.(Dont tend to get stuck as often.) I wil be at LTR and hope its just as good as Caprock. We usually get in Sat evening, hope to see you guys there.
  10. smokeless

    enduro set up

    For enduros here in Texas, it works great. I ride one, and agree that the rekluse will be the best investment. I wouldnt do our enduros without one.
  11. smokeless

    Frame Dimensions?

    I thought if I waited long enough I would see this discussed, but I couldn't wait any more. Does anyone know if the width(dimensions) of the frame on the X where the front down tube splits and goes under the case is the sames as on the 04 R? THe reason I ask, was I was going to check into using the overflow bottle that comes on the X for my R. The dealerships seem to know much less than the readers of this forum!! Thanks for the help.
  12. smokeless

    what else does my bike need??

    Just a question, but shouldnt a Z-Start help the bike to run cooler?
  13. smokeless

    Winter ride with helmet cam

    It says "file not available"?
  14. smokeless

    Is the Rekluse Clutch only for older riders?

    35 year old, enduro rider. Best mod made to my 450. No matter how good of condition I get in, its no fun kicking a 450 over after multiple hours of fun (torture). It has definately made me faster in that it covers for some of my mistakes.
  15. smokeless

    CRF450X Price Increase

    KTM price range