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  1. suter

    Off road goons where are you

    Off road only for me.
  2. What's your excuse for your crash? I know you weren't expecting that, but you have got to be ready for anything.
  3. suter

    Why doesn't RC like Unadilla?

    It looked like this:
  4. suter

    Disable TT searches?!?!

    You're a clown.
  5. suter

    Spoke Question

    I'm ordering a couple of individual spokes and it asks whether it the spokes are inner or outer. I need a couple that go to the disc side, are they the outer ones?
  6. suter

    Drz400 VS XR 400

    I think I'm gonna have to go with the DRZ.
  7. suter

    Help I've Got a Problem

    It's no good pushing it back in, it just comes back out. What's keeping it from coming all the way out? The bike was running just fine.
  8. Keep the stripes, it looks slick.
  9. suter

    Help I've Got a Problem

    What's supposed to be holding this together, it's pulled out a little bit? I've got internal problems don't I? Just noticed this after riding yesterday.
  10. Are there any trails relatively close to Rexburg that are decent? Looking for something other than the dunes. I heard there were some out by Kelly Canyon but I've never been out there.
  11. suter

    DRZ sand riding

    Speed is your friend.
  12. Nice naked barbie on the floor. Is that thing missing it's head?
  13. Not getting nasty, just stating my opinion also. And I could care less if you follow the build of not, that's not what I was saying. I'm just tired of people complaining a DRZ was chosen.
  14. Well everyone on the forum who DID care about the build off went and voted, and the DRZ cleaned up, so I don't see the problem here.