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  1. endorphin

    EC300 Crankshaft Seals

    Tks mate!
  2. endorphin

    EC300 Crankshaft Seals

    I intend to replace left crankshaft seal on my 2012 EC 300, since it sucking extra air and I wonder if high temperature seals are needed?
  3. I have Keihin carb and I use 7mm socket to unscrew the thing, are you sure you used the right socket?
  4. endorphin

    2018 Tx 300 “revs hanging”/“hanging idle”

    Do not be so cruel to your suffering brother😊there is no o-ring on AF screw. Btw, I have absolutely the same issue with my '12 Gas Gas EC300 (with PWK 38 AS2). Trying hard to solve it these days, any success will be revealed here.
  5. endorphin

    2005 KTM 450 EXC noise

    Could be worn clutch plates, happens to my 04 525EXC sometime.
  6. endorphin

    White Smoke out of Exhaust KTM EXC 450

    I would say something if it is not late: same happened to my '04 525 after replacement piston rings and head gasket. To make the long story short: my mechanic reversed piston rings (after only two beers). We opened the thing again, put everything right and smoke disappeared. Now we all know that KTM can work with both rings turned upside down
  7. endorphin

    Ktm 525 exc side stand mod

    If you need cheap solution and bigger footprint, here is what I did: Piece of plastic fixed with two screws (you decide about the thickness).
  8. I was about to change the oil this morning and had to do it through the opening of long oil screen, the oil drain plug was impossible to unscrew. It was turning freely but not moving out. Any idea how to pull it out without pulling the engine out?
  9. endorphin

    Kickstand bolt broke....WTH?

    Whatever is said about the kickstand is nothing but the true..I found the solution in simple extension (plastic disk) fixed with two wood screws. It's been serving well for almost three years.
  10. endorphin

    Play in upper shock mount

    I can't help much with the interchangeability of swingarms between models, but I can offer simple and cheap solution for the lower shock mount. Instead of spherical lower shock mount I made a simple insert out of industrial plastic (outside diameter equal to inside diameter of the housing and diameter of hole as diameter of collar screw). And I put one thin plastic shim on each side to prevent rubbing between housing and fork of the shock. It serves well for almost two years now and I don't care at all about water and mud. Actually, I do not see the reason why the spherical mount is used in the first place, because the swingarm moves up and down in one plane only. Hope this might eliminate the seizing of lower mount for good.
  11. endorphin

    Spark plug gap

    Tks! I was curious because I've found 0.8mm as original setting for DCPR8E IX.
  12. endorphin

    Spark plug gap

    I intend to replace ordinary spark plug with Iridium one on my KTM 525. Should I remain the same gap (06-07mm) between electrodes?
  13. endorphin

    ktm leaky water pump

    If that does not help, you can try metalization (they put new ultra thin layer of metal on your shaft and hone it again to previous dimension). The surface is like new again and it works.
  14. endorphin

    04 525 exc suspension question?

    What's the idea? Suppose that "floating bushing" is upper one of two narrow bushings (the one above the aluminum spacer).
  15. May be you should take a look what Paul Olesen offers as advice.