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  1. middletonb41

    2016 YZ250X Stacks

    Is there anywhere a person could find complete stock shim stacks. I want to convert my 07 yz250 fork and shock to 250x specs.
  2. middletonb41

    YZ250 2017 Enduro/XC mods

    I also recommend the GYTR 8.4oz flywheel. It still has plenty of power but takes the edge off the snap. It feels like the bike is driving forward better instead of fighting for grip. Also seems it makes the rear of the bike kick less side to side. It gave more confidence in corners and rough chop. Probably the only downside is that in situations where you are in more wide open parts of the trail/track you'll need to be more attentive with the clutch or gear selection. The bike needs just a bit more clutch to get on the pipe. It took me 30min of ride to time to figure it out and adapt, but it was absolutely worth it. The bike didn't tire me out as quickly either.
  3. middletonb41

    15 KX 250f fork inner chamber

    Anybody know the amount of oil that goes in the inner chamber of the right fork? I have the amounts for the outer but not the inner.
  4. middletonb41

    Hard clutch pull

    I've noticed recently that the clutch pull on my 07 Yz250 has gotten really hard to pull. I went and changed the cable but still has a heavy clutch pull. The clutch itself seems to still be working the way it always has. Anybody have any of the same issues?
  5. middletonb41

    2003 YZ 125

    I'll try both of those. I'll raise the float level and if that doesn't work I'll try swapping gas caps with my yz. Thanks guys I'll let you know how it turns out.
  6. middletonb41

    2003 YZ 125

    Yeah it fires right back up after. So you raised the float height on yours and that fixed it?
  7. middletonb41

    2003 YZ 125

    I have an issue with my son's 03 yz125. We have rebuilt this bike from the ground up, it was rough with we 1st bought it. New cylinder, top end, v-force intake, kill switch. The bike starts fine, but when warmed up and running wide open it bogs and then dies completely. I've never run into anything like this before. Has anybody ever dealt with this issue before and how to fix it? I'm running out of ideas.
  8. middletonb41

    Top end cutting out

    I've got this same issure with my son's 2002 YZ125. Just installed new top end, cylinder, & head. It will not open up at high RPM's. I have taken the carb apart and cleaned it meticulously, checked the powervalve, etc. I'm thinking electrical as well. We are going to order a CDI and wiring harness to see if this helps.
  9. middletonb41

    Won't go into gear

    Bike will go into gear now but is very hard to shift and the clutch slips.
  10. middletonb41

    Won't go into gear

    Thanks. I guess I better get to work.
  11. middletonb41

    Won't go into gear

    I just replaced the crank, crank bearings, piston, & rings in my son's 06 kx65. It starts and runs fine but it will not go into gear, the gearshift won't hardly move. Has anybody had this problem when rebuilding the lower end on their bike? What should I look at to fix the problem?
  12. middletonb41

    Any word on a new 250 from Yamaha?

    I was listening to the show too when he said this. I really hope this is more than just cosmetic updates.
  13. middletonb41

    2011 CRF450R Fork Springs and Oil Volume

    http://racetech.com/ProductSearch/1/Honda/CRF450R/2011 Try looking at this spring rate calculator from Race Tech's site and see if it helps.
  14. middletonb41

    Honda crf450

    I have an 09 with over 60hrs and usually 1-3 kicks even when it's cold outside. I think that it just depends on the maintenance on the bike.
  15. middletonb41

    Lowering Link Questions

    You will need to loosen your triple clamps and slide your forks up to balance your bike. Since you have lowered the rear of the bike 1'' it has increased the rake on the front end therefor putting more weight on the rear of the bike and un-weighting the front which will make your bike more hesitant to directional change. Start by lowering your forks 5-10mm (I would do 10mm). Then try it out and if the front end is knifing try sliding them back down to where it feels more comfortable in the corners. A little tip to help would be use a tie down attached to the axle and run to the handlebars and snugged on each side to keep the forks from sliding completely out of the clamps as a precaution and also to assist in sliding the forks up. Good luck.