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  1. Because they are light, loose, breathe well, and are standard dirt bike wear. How is this even a question? You must be a total goon... what else are you gonna wear a t shirt or a carhartt jacket and look like someone whos never rode before... Why do people wear hats in golf? Why do rec soccer players wear cleats?
  2. If your only riding offroad id go with an O or X ring, maximum life. Some others will be able to elaborate
  3. The 06+ YZ125 is probably the most fun I've ever ridden, and mine was beat and the carb was &%$#@!ed. Power wise my old 13 KX450f was a ripper. Thing impressed me everytime i rode it. I miss that bike. A lot. I'm financially and emotionally wrapped up in my current 2015 CRF250R, but in all honesty it is the best handling bike ive ridden (obviously 2 strokes are more nimble but also more unpredicatble and less stable) I also have to give a nod to my friends 2011 YZ250 Eric Gorr 295 kit with a rekluse. That bike is &%$#@!ing sweet.
  4. Yeah man you shouldve lol. To be honest i was thinking about asking the same question... ive always sucked at self control when it comes to money, rip me a new one guys... You gotta remember most of the people on here are 25-35 years older than you and a lot of them are very sensitive and wear panties too tight so it cuts of the circulation to their balls. If they sense someone younger than them has a toy that they dont "deserve" and they dont have it theyll take out their insecurity on you.
  5. Lol this isnt 2004... 4 strokes dont flame out like that anymore. And i can start my 250f hot first kick everytime
  6. its just like scrunched down and it made the plastic shroud bow out where you put you knee so its kinda impossible to ride with without getting a new rad i realized. The rad might be fine, sketchy, but rideable, but there is no way i can ride my bike with my rad shroud stick out 8 inches in a spot where i grip with my knees
  7. yeah but you might break some shit
  8. I was trail riding on Tuesday and I crashed like 6 times (very unusual for me) but 3 of the crashes were kinda hard. I bowed the shit out of my left radiator shroud so its bent and looks retarded, but the radiator is pretty bent and twisted too. Its not horrible, I've seen much worse, I wish I could post a picture, it just looks like its kinda "crunched". Its not leaking though, I was wondering if its OK to ride with this until i can afford a new rad. Its a 2015 CRF250R, (plz dont move to honda forums ill get no responses). I'm just concerned that 1. It might not cool the bike enough with reduced flow, or 2: that it might reduce flow and cut coolant out from the engine which could overheat or worse... what you guys think?
  9. Cool dude... It's all a matter of who will brake the latest and get on the gas earliest... Not how witty you can be on a forum
  10. Lmfao you guys do understand that anyone can post on an anonymous forum right? You have no clue how fast you are in relation to me... Besides it's all a matter of who can push harder and any racer know that's when it comes down to it
  11. Thats Badass that you took an old bike and made it all new (or bought it that way idk) but iether way sick bike. Shit must rip/// Its basically a YZ250 with a flywheel wieight right? nice bike man... hows the suspension tho
  12. Damn, I never expected to be proven wrong on that one.... hahhaa have fun on the pit bikes ma that looks like a fun track!
  13. exactly, thats why i downgraded from a 13 kx450f ( a &%$#@!ing ripper) to a 15 crf250r (a bitch engine that handles like butter) and I'm objectively way faster. It is 90% rider and 10% bike, as long as you arent riding a TTR lol. They say the only thing more insane than the bike is the nut who rides it
  14. Monk ive been talking to you for years... you just dont know it prolly lol. You have some sick builds!!