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    Here's a link for you that will answer all of your questions. http://www.trailtech.net/flywheel_1.htm I added an 11oz. flywheel on my 03 crf450 and am very pleased with the results. I ride mostly trails and the bike is much better in the tight stuff now. No more stalling out all the time. It does take some of the snap out of the throttle, but there's still more then enough for me.
  2. CRF_Freak

    crf flywheel ?

    Kevin, I have a 03 CRF450 and just put on an 11oz. TrailTech flywheel weight. I bought the puller from them for 20.00. I honestly don't think you could get the flywheel off without it. Mine was seated on there so tight that I heard a pop when it broke loose. You really need to right tool to avoid damaging the crankshaft. To break the flywheel nut loose you could have someone put the bike in gear and hold the rear brake while you crack the nut loose or and impact gun would be even better. You'll also need a new gasket, there's no saving the old one.
  3. CRF_Freak

    How is raush creek?

    Just a heads up guys. If your going to Rausch Creek to ride for the day it's going to cost you $50.00. It's $35 to ride for the day, and the first time you ride there they charge you a $15 insurance fee. The $15 only has to be paid on your first visit. They give you a card showing that your paid for the rest of the season.
  4. CRF_Freak

    etown pic

    Damn Tony! You've come a long way since the Pigfarm. Nice work!
  5. CRF_Freak

    My Crappy yard Trails

    Very cool! I wish that was my backyard. Enjoy!
  6. CRF_Freak

    2 Strokes own - 56K be scared!

    Very nice looking bike! I wish I could find a set of those graphics.
  7. CRF_Freak

    05 Right side Hot Start Cable?

    It's been a while since I did it. I just took a look at it and all I really had to do was take out the center number plate mounting screw and swing the hot start cable to the right side of the screw rather then the left side. That allowed enough slack for the stock cable to work properly.
  8. CRF_Freak

    05 Right side Hot Start Cable?

    fcr, I have an 03 and went with a right side hotstart lever. I didn't have to get a longer cable, I just rerouted it differently to give more slack to the right side.
  9. CRF_Freak

    ROCKET RACEWAY (Northeast Forum)

    Very nice vid! Thanks for sharing.
  10. CRF_Freak

    Rev it Up

    I can't believe how close they were standing to it when it was starting to break up and backfire. I thought for sure it was going to blow.
  11. CRF_Freak

    Pictures of my new babies!!

    How the hell do you guys find this stuff? LOL!!!
  12. CRF_Freak

    03 manual

  13. CRF_Freak

    Baltimore Arenacross Video (Amateur Racing)

    I'm running WMP 10. I'll try installing it again and see if that works.
  14. CRF_Freak

    Baltimore Arenacross Video (Amateur Racing)

    I can't view it without the Indeo codec. Anyone know where I can download that?
  15. CRF_Freak

    Motocross Madness.Help!!!

    Try this one for MCM2. X05-48814