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  1. snomoboy

    '05 CRF450 Service Manual

    The dealers are supposed to give them with each bike. It is a service manual not an owners manual. If you still need one, let me know. I'll take care of you somehow.
  2. snomoboy

    05 Obsession

    I'm coming from an 04 to an 05. I'll agree completely on the handling characteristics of the 05. I was completely satisfied with my 04. But, the 05 is awesome. I do feel the suspension is way too soft. I bottomed continually on the front end at the track. Even then, it still soaked it up well with good rebound. My 04 had ENZO on it. I just tore off the suspension of my 05 to get it valved and resprung by Will at ENZO. Other than the suspension, i'm smiling ear to ear. That chassis is awesome and the power seems so crisp.
  3. I run the same jetting with U4 and pump between practice and race days. I was happy with the jetting in both cases. If anything, I run a little richer with the pump fuel. I run the U4 50/50 with pump. Hope this helps. I'd keep the can and find a shop that carries a drum of the U4. We are constantly looking for steel cans to refill because we buy the U4 in 30 gal drums.