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  1. So the bike is worth 5-5500. Theres well over $400 in extra maintenance stuff. Do the extras add? I have 5 quarts motor oil. 5 filters, 5 quarts trans. three extra air filters, stands, tubes, chain and sprockets.
  2. 2012 CRF 450 - 25hrs. Very very well taken care of. Trans & Motor Oil & filter changed every 5hrs with Honda Synthetic Oils. Air filter cleaned every ride. Has FMF Power Core 4 exhaust, Pro Taper bars & Pro Taper bar clamps, Extra chain n sprockets, lots of extra oils, extra oil filters, extra air filters, paddle tire, bike stand & triangle, extra tubes, Alway ran 93. Bike was never raced, and never ran on rev limiter. Ill throw in all my riding gear also(helmet, pants, size 12 Tech 8's). I appreciate it! im located in central PA also.
  3. That would just drain out the over flow then? Theres not way for gas to get into the motor without going through the valves. Am i correct, shawn will konw alot. Im not a wiz, but i think i know a little bit. lol
  4. Well the gas in the motor oil is only a FI model problem. Are you sure your putting the right amount of oils in the bike? How do you change your oil and tranny fluid and how much do you add in and how? Theres no way for gas to leak down in your bike. your intakes will be closed unless your twisting the throttle, holding it open and slowly kicking the bike over to let the valves open, dump gas, and not fire up. Otherwise you need to look more into it. Your always going to burn the gas whether its rich or lean.
  5. Just curious, im assuming you'll have an oil feed line from the motor, with all that heat and extra sheering of the oil, wouldnt you need to change to oil very frequently?
  6. 10-4 on the ethonal. Good advice on the cut off for fuel, ill def have to do that. I do drain my fuel for the winter months. Off topic question, since the system stays pressurized, if you twist the throttle when its off will it dump fuel into the cyclinder? I know about the leaking fuel and it'll get into the oil, which i check all the time.
  7. I went from a 03 to a 12. My 03 had 12:5:1 piston and stage 2 hot cam only. That bike had a lot of grunt. They 12 doesnt have the grunt but i feel like its a smoother more controlable power. Just bought a FMF slip on and going to get my ecu remapped. The suspension was soft in the back for me, but i just did a few compression clicks and that helped. Im now looking into getting my suspension done. The 12 feels lighter to me and i can corner 100 times better. My old bike felt like it wanted to wash out all the time. With the 12 it feels planted and the smoother power def helps me a lot.
  8. If theres not that much wear on the outside of the cases, chances are he barely rode it. Look at other things, like how clean is the motor, a lot of nicks in the swing arm, cases, front motor, is the header super rusty or just a little, whats the air filter condition (like new or has cracks), do the chain guides have a lot of wear. Little things tell a lot
  9. Good to know. So ill probably just blend what i have with 93 for a while and just stick with that.
  10. Long as you dont run rev limiter, itll last a long time, prob 100 hrs piston and 200 hrs on a crank to be safe and change them out before they give, but these are high performace motors, just never know when something could break. Change your oil and clean your air filter and 99% the time it will last your for a long time.
  11. $15 a gallon is expensive. I just got a few gallons off a buddy, they get it in 55 gal drums, he said it would make my bike run a lot better. that true? Leaded would be good for engine and pretty sure is 104 octane, could be wrong. Would that be bad to just run? wont hurt anything? I dont really ride all that much, so i wouldnt use all that much fuel, smells sooooo good tho. haha
  12. There's a thread on this already a few down, heres the link. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/974236-how-much-was-your-2012-crf450/
  13. I dont really race, just like to ride tracks, so ill try to find someone local for my suspension.. what size springs should i get? The VP U4.4 good to run? How do i get Eddie to do a remap for me?
  14. I just got back from silver lake michigan and im looking to do a few things to my bike, its a 2012. I got a FMF 4.1 slip on because i need the spark arrestor, is the header going to make more of a difference? I also want to start running VP U4.4, this wont hurt my bike will it? Running in the sand and jumping i was bottoming out a lot, i did do a few compression clicks which helped but i would like to have my suspension sent away and set up. Who has the best service, good prices ? i usually weight between 210-215. Since im running a slip on and going to start running VP U4.4, I should send my ecu to get remapped, who does the best work for what i have done and going to do? Last, i have a pretty big dent in my back rim and a small one in my front, so im thinking about getting a new rims and hub sets, whats the best set up vs price? Id really like black rims, red nipples, black spokes and red hubs but black rim n red hubs will be fine too. These are all probably redunted questions, but i like to get direct answers. Ill search more and update my post as i go. All the advice is greatly appreciated, you guys know a lot.
  15. Why was the video removed? It could help someone else solve a problem possibly.
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