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  1. I had the same issue. Mine may have been a little worse since I usually ride with wifey on the back. Never-the-less, it would slip. I kept going back/forth with Rekluse and making adjustments. It would still slip in top gear and rolling it on. NOT lugging it like they kept telling me I was doing. I even have 14/50 gearing which is already keeping the RPM a bit higher. Finally I changed the oil from the 10-40 Amsoil to 5-30 Bel Ray and the problem seems to be gone. I do have to let it warm up a little before going WOT open but that was just the same as before. and in the spirit of the thread... since my original post on pg 3... I've added: Rade Tank K&N filter w/ puke can Kouba link Increased spring rates front/read XTrig adjuster Tusk Racks (did the AZBDR w/ wifey a couple months ago.. what a blast) Cyclops headlight Windshield (although I'm not sure yet if I like it or if it even helps) Pivot Pegs Counter shaft guard PCV controller a few dongles here/there Tubliss front/rear Clean Speed Alum brake lever/peg Pazzo Racing shorty adjustable levers Grip Buddies (a little 'fat' in the hand but is very comfortable.. specially when the arthritis kicks in) grand total.. so far: $5600. BTW.. Force0321... what a super bitchen ride!!!! thanks for the pics.
  2. Todd157k

    1982 honda xr200 gas tank

    No sorry.. not that familiar with the specific years/models.
  3. Todd157k

    1985 Xr350r

    sweet deal. even the parts bike looks pretty good. I just picked an '85 up a couple weeks ago. Runs great.. looks.. well, needs attention. The PO painted all the plastics white and the aluminum has signs of "back east corrosion".
  4. Todd157k

    1982 honda xr200 gas tank

    Here it is but the pictures look a little better than the tank. Needs a little cleanup.
  5. Todd157k

    1982 honda xr200 gas tank

    I have a red plastic one. Came off my old '80 xl250. I'll take a couple pics if you're interested in it.
  6. Good to know. At 3k, it "shouldn't have" slipped at all. I really hope that doesn't happen. What oil do you run? Do you think it makes any big difference? I asked them when I called and told them I run Amsoil. They said it was the perfect oil to use. IDK.
  7. yup.. I've seen that. The thing is, if you call Rekluse, they tell you to use the whole 'clutch lever pulse' thing as an initial setting only. Then back out the adjusting screw until the bike pulses forward but doesn't move. A little more if it slips under acceleration. Supposedly, you can back out the adjusting screw enough to bump start the bike. I haven't tried that yet.. or needed to.. knock on wood.
  8. I went the expensive route with Atlas throttle lock. It's a little figitty to get it set up correctly but once it's done, it works very well. https://www.atlasthrottlelock.com/ (not affiliated with them at all)
  9. Thanks for posting these pics. Having my shock, and forks, redone right now and they asked me if I wanted it to exit on the Left or Right side. They said the right side actually points right into a frame tube and the Left is close to the exhaust pipe. From your pictures, it looks like it's still accessible on the left.
  10. Been running it for a while now. Did the AZBDR with wifey on the back. Worked flawlessly however the "don't lug it" thing is there if you push it. I just keep the rpm just a tad higher than I normally would in hard acceleration. I use the clutch too when I need it.. or when I'm just puttin. Just comes in real handy when we get into some rough stuff and I'm loaded down. Think "tractor like riding" and you'll get the idea.
  11. Got my '17 701 about 3 weeks ago. Since I knew I was going to do all the mods anyway, I decided to just do them all at once. Except for the abs dongle, I'm pretty much done. seat concepts seat flatlands skid plate HBD hand guards w/ mirrors real footpegs for my passenger (I ride 2 up a lot) headlight guard (sorry honey, had to steal the soap dish out of the bathroom) Prerun rack wings exhaust 14/50 gearing.. new chain to add links tires - Goldentyre fatty front/Scorpion rear (although the thing is 2/3 worn out and only 500 miles on the bike). Fatty doing great. Scotts steering damper my garmin gps mount 3M clear sheet over the side plastics. Unfortunately, they got a little buffed on the first ride (3 days in Death Valley, CA) before I put the protective stickers
  12. Todd157k

    Inner engine surface rust

    "Spotless" would be having them tumbled in ceramic chips. Short of that, there are several rust removal chemicals out there. When I was restoring my Triumph, I used Coca Cola. Ya, funny but it cleaned up the rust without having the caustic chemicals. It does take longer though.
  13. Todd157k

    Best Action Cam for Riding?

    Too funny. "Best" (as the OP asked) doesn't mean 'cheap'. Although the camera above has a nice, slim design, it isn't going to get to the level of the expensive cameras. The Sony 4K is the best, and the Gopro 4/5 follow closely. I have a Sony 4k and while the 4k video is excellent quality, it makes such huge files that it fills up cards like crazy. I usually shoot in lower resolutions for just riding around video, then go 4k for something special like waterfalls, water crossings, etc. It also has some great features like cutting your videos into multiple files so when you're editing them, you don't have huuuuuuge files work with.
  14. Todd157k


    Wow! What a nice find. Unfortunately, you're not going to get a 650cc motorcycle to kick 'easy'. If you enjoy riding it, sell it and get a 96 or newer like the others have said. You should get a fair amount for that gem.
  15. Todd157k

    1999 DR350-X won't rev under load! please help! (w/pic)

    In those carb rebuilds, did you ever check the choke circuit? make sure the plunger isn't stuck. It would cause those problems and the re-jetting wouldn't cure it. Also, for smoking issue, how much oil do you put on your air filter? some people tend to saturate it and that can suck oil into the motor. It should be very, very light amounts.