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  1. Got my '17 701 about 3 weeks ago. Since I knew I was going to do all the mods anyway, I decided to just do them all at once. Except for the abs dongle, I'm pretty much done. seat concepts seat flatlands skid plate HBD hand guards w/ mirrors real footpegs for my passenger (I ride 2 up a lot) headlight guard (sorry honey, had to steal the soap dish out of the bathroom) Prerun rack wings exhaust 14/50 gearing.. new chain to add links tires - Goldentyre fatty front/Scorpion rear (although the thing is 2/3 worn out and only 500 miles on the bike). Fatty doing great. Scotts steering damper my garmin gps mount 3M clear sheet over the side plastics. Unfortunately, they got a little buffed on the first ride (3 days in Death Valley, CA) before I put the protective stickers
  2. "Spotless" would be having them tumbled in ceramic chips. Short of that, there are several rust removal chemicals out there. When I was restoring my Triumph, I used Coca Cola. Ya, funny but it cleaned up the rust without having the caustic chemicals. It does take longer though.
  3. Too funny. "Best" (as the OP asked) doesn't mean 'cheap'. Although the camera above has a nice, slim design, it isn't going to get to the level of the expensive cameras. The Sony 4K is the best, and the Gopro 4/5 follow closely. I have a Sony 4k and while the 4k video is excellent quality, it makes such huge files that it fills up cards like crazy. I usually shoot in lower resolutions for just riding around video, then go 4k for something special like waterfalls, water crossings, etc. It also has some great features like cutting your videos into multiple files so when you're editing them, you don't have huuuuuuge files work with.
  4. Wow! What a nice find. Unfortunately, you're not going to get a 650cc motorcycle to kick 'easy'. If you enjoy riding it, sell it and get a 96 or newer like the others have said. You should get a fair amount for that gem.
  5. In those carb rebuilds, did you ever check the choke circuit? make sure the plunger isn't stuck. It would cause those problems and the re-jetting wouldn't cure it. Also, for smoking issue, how much oil do you put on your air filter? some people tend to saturate it and that can suck oil into the motor. It should be very, very light amounts.
  6. ya, it could be the diaphragm in the petcock has a leak. Put the petcock in PRIME if it has one, and run it. If it's ok, then it's the petcock. If not, it's carby.
  7. Have had mine on for 3500 miles now.. Love them. Soooo comfortable when shifting/braking.
  8. Sound to me like it's running out of gas. Did you pull/clean/replace the fuel filter and petcock? Also, if it sat for 12 years, you're going to need to go through that entire carb before it starts running right.
  9. Good find. Hilarious video.
  10. I've restored a couple old Triumphs. For the wheels and lower part of the spokes, I make a bath of Coke. Soak over night, rotate, soak..etc. Cleans the rust off w/o scratching up the finish. Now there's tons of rust inhibitor stuff.. but coke seems to work really good for me, and it's way cheaper. Just don't drink the left-overs. hahahaha
  11. +1 on the Kerosene however I use a piece of chain. Easier to get out than BBs.
  12. ^^ that thing is going to cost you a TON of money in the long run. Unlike the two motorcycles and the truck. Probably my favorite picture. I pressure washed it twice, and still missed some of the mud.
  13. My son lives near you. Rides many places around there. PM me your contact info and I'll forward it to him.
  14. No, they don't... but evilbay has some that LOOK just like the baja ones and use the same 4x6 lamp. $35 (no lamp glass, no bulb)
  15. Herein lies the problem with restoring old bikes. You can get an aftermarket throttle and cable cheap. As for the carb kit, Honda used that same carb in most of their small bikes. There are TONS of cheap chinese replacement carbs on ebay. I have one on my Triumph 650 and it's been working fine for years. They look just like the honda carb and most parts/jets are interchangeable. Maybe it would be better to try that route.