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    Ballistic battery experience

    Wanted to post this up as it has caused me some headaches... I purchased a battery from ballistic in January of this year. The past month Ive been chasing an what I thought was an electrical gremlin of sorts. Did tons of searching here (thanks to other memebers that posted charging system info) replaced voltage regulator, and disconnected the entire harness for a "clean and dielectric lube" After using 3 different volt meters and banging my head against the garage wall I came up empty handed. Charged the battery multiple times and load tested it to make sure it was indeed still a "good" battery, and it was. Here is the intresting part.. When I ordered this battery the reccomended replacement was their 4 cell, and upon looking at their site yesterday, they now reccomend an 8 cell! Ballistic is standing by the product and will be sending me an 8 cell in exchange for my 4. I dont have to pay the difference in costs either which Im quite happy about. So if you already have one of these batteries take a second look at their application chart you may be surprised to see that the one you purchased is really not the correct match.
  2. sprocket52

    Electric Start Not Working

    had this exact problem on a ride this past sunday, thanks for posting up all the info guys