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  1. My first bike was a 1984 Suzuki JR50. I moved to a RM80, RM125, and then a RM250. I didn't make the switch to Yamaha until I got a second hand YZ426F. I Love the Yamahas to death but if I were to get another "thumper" it would problably be the yellow one.
  2. idle_mind

    best looking 426 anyone

    Yeah, I bought those gold Excels back when gold was the "in" color to have. I didn't want to spend more than $2k re-doing this bike and new black Excels with Talon hubs would have put me well over $3k for the build. I do plan on making the switch though.
  3. You can also check with you local dealer if there set up through Tucker Rocky. That catolog has a complete body bolt kit for most makes/models. They actually come with all the collars as well as the bolts. I would assume Parts Unlimited would carry the same or simaler. The whole kit was around $20.00. I know ordering OEM from a microfiche can sometimes get a little pricey for those small parts.
  4. idle_mind

    426 to 450 coversion complete with pics

    Thanks. I almost didn't go with red because I thought it would make me look like a squid but seeing that I pretty much only that bike on a track I built at home and have never lost to any of my friends and family that have raced me on that track, I figured I'd go with the points leader red backgrounds.
  5. idle_mind

    426 to 450 coversion complete with pics

    The best mod I did on this bike was a Hot Cams auto decompressor camshaft. She fires up on the second to third kick every time hot or cold. Powder coated the frame, swingarm, sub frame, shock spring, rear brake lever, and the clutch and stator covers All new plastic from ufo and gas tank from Clarke as well as all new bolts for the body work I "Frankensteined" the graphics. I cut up some FX OEM graphics, ordered Yamaha, GYTR, and Yamalube decals from ebay and peiced them together to sort of look like the old GYTR graphics kits Blue Mishimoto radiator hoses FMF power core exhaust with power bomb header Rear brake assembly from a 2005 YZ450F Custom number plate backgrounds and numbers from FX Driven titanium shift lever Red carb hoses New Renthal chain and sprockets New dunlop MX51 tires Gold Excel rims TAG titanium handlebars I'm sure I'm leaving a lot out but thats what comes to mind right away.
  6. idle_mind

    426 to 450 coversion complete with pics

    The 450 gas tank from 2003-2005 will fit the 426 frame. You will need to make extended tank mounting brackets. And you have to use the 450 subframe, airbox, seat, side panels, and rear fender. The sub frame needs a little grinding to fit the 426 frame. You can find info on the tank mounts if you search 426 to 450 conversion.
  7. idle_mind

    yz426 oil filters

    Both Acerbis and UFO make Yamaha Reflex blue. I'm partial to UFO because there a little bit cheaper. I just did a rebuild on my 426 and the UFO plastic works great.
  8. idle_mind

    Yamaha blue frame paint

    Just rebuilt my 426. I had my frame powder coated. The blue they used was a Mopar blue and I think it looks awesome. It actually matches the OEM reflex blue plastic better I think.
  9. idle_mind

    New to me 03 Yz 450 (rebuild)

    Sorry, but I've got the winning ticket here with me.. Maybe next time.
  10. idle_mind

    New to me 03 Yz 450 (rebuild)

    Have you checked the coil? I'm not sure if it's the same on the 450, but on my 426 the wiring connects on the bottom of the coil and the little rubber boot likes to collect water, dirt, ect. I was having to bump start mine for what seems like forever. I recently did a complete rebuild and replaced the coil and wiring harness and it fires up on the first to third kick every time. I also disconnect the wire from the coil and blow out the boot after every ride/wash.
  11. idle_mind

    426 to 450 coversion complete with pics

    Thanks Man! LOL! Yeah it's a 2008. It looks like a dinosaur sitting next to the new YZ426F.
  12. idle_mind

    426 to 450 coversion complete with pics

    It ran me just under 2k. Which, is still a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a brand new bike. And even though it's a 2001, I went through every last nut and bolt on the bike, so it's pretty much a new bike...
  13. I decided a while back to do a complete rebuild of a 2001 yz426f I had sitting in boxes in my basement. Since I was going to be replacing a great deal of the parts on this bike I decided to update the looks with the 03-05 450 body. This is how it looked before I started. After a couple of weeks of ordering parts, going through the bike, ordering more parts, realizing I forgot this part and that part, and ordering even more parts, I made a three day push to get it ready to ride this past weekend. This is how it turned out.
  14. idle_mind

    Recommended Riding in Kentucky / Tennessee

    Google Turkey Bay/Land between the lakes. It's in southern KY about 45 minutes from the TN border. They have camping options for RVs. It has a really nice main loop for novice to intermediate riders as well as expert trails.