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  1. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    New Tires

    Great tire btw. However try changing your air pressure a few psi and watch the wear pattern closely. Wouldn't hurt to have the balance re-checked either; you can buy your own tire balance rig for about the same price as shops charge to mount tires.
  2. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    DRC Edge tail light failure - HELP

    I have the 12'oclock labs board, 3 leds on the right side burnt out within days. Blame china.
  3. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    DRZ400SM LED Underglow (xkchrome)

    Bought myself a little something for xmas and just thought I'd share; since i've seen maybe 2 DRZ's with LED or underglow kits... Everyone always hates but I'm a fan obviously. I don't much care for strobing while driving (probably not legal anyways), but a roadside emergency flash (yellow/white pattern in video) when pulled over on the highway or riding with solid white front/red rear is a little added safety I'd like to think. Took most of the day installing it (trying out different placements first, then running the wires a bunch of different times to see what worked best for the different zones and connectors I had). My main objective was to reduce or eliminate any direct visibility of the leds. There's only slight visibility on the radiator ones at a fairly small angle, so overall not too bad. The kit came with 4 strips and 4 pods (3 leds in each, pods being compact with the leds closer together); and could have gotten away with just 6 pieces and had the same effect. There's 2 zones which you could setup any number of ways. They allow different colour or setting/effect per zone. I went with a front/rear zone, but left/right or engine/wheels could be done depending on preference. I hooked it up to my brake light which allows the leds to turn all red when stopping (noted in end of video). It's primarily bluetooth/app controlled, but does have a physical on/off button that I hid down near my choke. It times out after 5 minutes of your phone being out of range and I believe turns onto a default pattern (if you choose) when you walk up to it. Plenty of colours (16 million) and the brightness/breathing is the smoothest i've seen in any kit (looks natural and not stepped if you know what i mean).
  4. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    High mileage DRZ update

    You consider that high mileage? Yikes.
  5. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    DRZ carried away in a flash flood

    Dude really? Who are you to say this guy deserves to lose his bike? What did he do so wrong? And telling people not to do something? Stop being such a condescending prick. The guy took adversities head on, good for him. Ever think he had a sick child or mother in need of medicine or care on the other side? (Probably not but it really doesn't matter). So who cares that the dude lost his bike? And who cares that insurance is going to pay out to get him a new bike? Just because YOU wouldn't do it, doesn't mean someone else wouldn't or shouldn't. It doesn't give you the right to tell people what to do with their life and their property; illegal, dangerous or otherwise. Just enjoy the show and be glad it's not you.
  6. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    Will Suzuki ever add basic stuff to the DRZ?

    Personally I like the sheer simplicity, durability and reliability of a machine that doesn't rely on expensive gadgetry and electronics. Granted, you're not wrong in that those would be nice features to have; especially on a bike that has a 10k sticker price before you get into tax, delivery and all that. But putting a fuel gauge on the DRZ would be no different than putting a sticker that says "somewhere between empty and full". It'll never be accurate unless you're sitting still. There's a reason why the petcock is awesome in design and function. Hitting reserve is the exact same as having a little orange light that comes on to say "you need gas". Just turn that knob and away you go. (It takes a bit of getting use to if you run out on the highway) However just keep a rough estimate on the trip odometer since your last fill up. It'll become second nature soon enough and all will be forgotten in your unpleasant experience. An RPM or even a gear/top gear indicator would be cool yea. Much more functional/useful than a gas gauge; but still not really necessary when you think about it. It's just more to distract you from what's coming up in front of you. All in all if I were to go with the middle ground, I'd say the DRZ could use: top gear indicator light shift light at max rpm 6th gear
  7. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    Thinking Of Getting A Drz400sm??

    That's subjective. I say it's perfectly powered for the street.
  8. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    Top end engine noise when revving hard

    If you're wondering about the mechanical sound that sounds like valves, it's valves; and not usually a big deal. Wouldn't hurt to adjust/inspect your valves (mine sound like that at perfect adjustment); however my cylinder ignition sounds quite a bit different, but it could just be your exhaust/camera audio that makes it sound bad.
  9. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    Coolant expansion tank filling up?

    Liquid expands when heated much like air; the overflow tank is just there to accommodate a "full" system when running HOT (Because when your bike cools back down, it's going to suck that coolant back inside when it contracts). Think of it like squeezing a juice box; the squeezing is the temperature, the straw is your overflow tank. So when you squeeze the juice box the liquid goes up the straw, and back down to the box when you let go.
  10. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    Tip from an old guy-Handguards are dangerous

    This thread needs a NSFW/NSFL tag for peeps not to click into it lol
  11. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    Clutch and brake levers...what you got?

    I bought mine from https://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/shop/category/pivot-levers/198
  12. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    Everybody looks

    This is the biggest bullshit excuse of all time.
  13. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    High mileage SM, bad idea?

    I don't know why people focus so much on the mileage. I've seen bikes in better shape at 50k miles then some at 5k.
  14. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    Clutch and brake levers...what you got?

    I bought the Zeta 3-finger Pivot levers last week, just waiting for them to arrive.
  15. BadRequestDRZ400SM

    What Grease do I use for the Front Axle?

    Multipurpose universal waterproof grease that comes in a margarine type container. Just a little is all you need, too much and you'll collect dirt.