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  1. GMG554

    Help! 2000 RM250 won't rev

    Stock needle is a N3WK-3rd groove.
  2. They are OEM in pretty good shape. I can take some pics this weekend. Doug
  3. GMG554

    Help! 2000 RM250 won't rev

    A 158 is stock for the main. Could be the problem. Doug
  4. I think the '99 and 2000 are the same and if so I have the pipe and silencer. Doug
  5. GMG554

    Help! 2000 RM250 won't rev

    The only time I had something like that I'd been rejetting and had left the main jet out of the carb. Bike ran great till I went full throttle then the engine went dead. Doug
  6. GMG554

    96 rm250 clutch not disengaging

    Jcats fix is about the only thing I have not tried on my 2000. Could be the fix. ( Did not try the KX parts. ) My final fix was the installation of a Revloc clutch. Works fine now. Doug
  7. GMG554

    2000 rm 250 - Tuning Help Needed

    Rokyholler, I have a 2000 RM. Stock jetting on that bike is: Main 158 Needle N3WK-3RD Slow jet 42 Air screw 1-1 1/2 The choke knob you're turning is not a choke if this is a carb for a 2000 RM. It is an adjustment much like the air screw for 0-3/8 throttle. Standard adjustment is 2 turns or 12 clicks out from closed. It's called the bypass or starter. The mixture will become leaner as it is turned out counterclockwise to open the system after the dial has been turned in clockwise all the way. To me it looks way too rich. Could be the reason for all the spooge. I'm a trail rider so my fuel/oil mix is a little leaner. For what it's worth KTM recommends 60 to 1 mixture. I have a shop manual for the bike so if you have any questions give me a yell. Doug