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  1. ABRacing18

    Poll: is your rmz making you smile

    I'm 5'10. The suspension is ok, it is a little stiff, but it is definitely tolerable. Pretty much all newer bikes have similar spring rates, so suspension may feel different on a Honda or Yamaha, but they're sprung for a 150-170lb rider. If I get sponsored by MB1, then I will re-valve my suspension and have it to my spec. And now I'm probably closer to 140, so I might not even need to do that.
  2. ABRacing18

    Poll: is your rmz making you smile

    How much do you weigh? I'm super light, only 130 right now, and I put the clickers to stock and didn't even set the preload and the suspension is almost perfect. It's a bit stiff, but it's definitely rideable. You probably weigh more than me, so since you got it re-valved, I'd take it back and have them do it again. Shouldn't of done it in the first place, but whatever.
  3. ABRacing18

    which clutch should i buy?

    If money's tight, then just get a stock clutch from Suzuki. You can order the stock K8 or K7 clutch system from SHS Powersports. It's a little cheaper than retail price, and the best part: You already know what to expect from an OEM Suzuki clutch. If you want the aftermarket, shoot for the Tusk. They are cheap as dirt.
  4. ABRacing18

    what should I get?

    If you only ride trails, then you really don't need a full exhaust system. I bought a Yoshimura RS-4 muffler for my 2012 because I needed a spark arrestor to ride at some places, and only that reason. Well if you want to spend the money to make your bike look cool, go ahead. Because I'm sure that you don't need more than 35hp on trails. There's more important things to spend on a used bike than a cool exhaust system. Like a top end, new tires, air filter, etc. But I'll give you what you want anyways. The Yoshimura RS-4 isn't expensive. And if you're going to buy a new exhaust, I'd just buy the muffler. It's cheaper, and there's pretty much no reason to get a new header if you're not pegged out of power on tracks. Any Pro Circuit pipe to me is far to expensive, pushing 1k for a full Ti-5 system. The FMF pipes are good, The 4.1 RCT is pretty expensive, but it's the best FMF muffler I've used.
  5. ABRacing18

    Poll: is your rmz making you smile

    Got the same bike, can't go a day without looking at it . Sure does make me smile, and anyone that looks at it. Good way to spread joy.
  6. ABRacing18

    Best Suspension for a 2012 Suzuki

    Factory Connection does great suspension. Along with RG3, Race Tech, Enzo, and Roth. Personally, I'd get a re-valve from RG3's diamond kit, but if I was just going to buy springs and such, I'd go for Factory Connection.
  7. ABRacing18

    661 helmets?

    I don't think One would buy Sixsixone considering they own Sunline and Tag Metals. But I don't know, maybe they did. I have the Trooper 2.0, and I love it. It fits perfect with my neck brace, looks great, built well, and is super light. It doesn't absorb too much sweat, so the vents are good. The Trooper to me is just as good as the $600 VFX-W. If anything, the Shoei is a couple ounces lighter, but hardly anything to feel a difference. They look great, have a bunch of good color schemes, and it's super comfortable, I love it. Best of all, I picked mine up for $150! It's a $315 helmet and I got it half off. It was a great deal, and I love the helmet. If the Trooper is good, I imagine the Gamma is also. All the gear I have is made by One Industries. It's all tough and comfortable, and I've never worn better gear. The pants are really strong, and they still don't irritate your skin. Everything the make is amazing, so I think the Gamma would be just as good. I highly suggest you get anything from One, it's great.
  8. ABRacing18

    James Stewart?

    Besides the fact that it is very possible to do 20 posts in 2-3 days...
  9. ABRacing18

    James Stewart?

    I joined in February, I know. I started actually using it a couple days ago, and I had no name before this.
  10. ABRacing18

    What to do about a worn chain?

    Just buy a new one... I run the 520MX chain from Pro Taper. It's 85 bucks, but It lasts a long time for me. I run the Pro Taper sprockets too. If you change the chain, I would change the sprocket too, but that's my preference. R&K makes a really cheap chain, just might have to replace it sooner. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/1/4/61/21514/ITEM/RK-520-RK-M-Standard-Chain.aspx
  11. ABRacing18

    rear wheel sliding out on braking

    That's completely normal.... You're just locking your brakes up, the rear wheel will lock up if you are on the rear brakes too hard. Entirely normal. You could of just been more sensitive on the brakes, but cutting them looks like it works too.
  12. ABRacing18

    250F on a $2k budget

    Your description is between a 2 stroke AND a 4 stroke. You want suspension, 4 stroke. You want lightness, 2 stroke. You want cheap 2 stroke. You want a good bike, either. I bough my 2005 CRF250X for 2K! It had the original tires with 70% grip left on them. The guy who rode the bike rode it once a year since 2005, and I got it in 2011. 6 weekend rides. I do that in a month (Thursdays sometimes too). It's a great bike, if you want more power out of it, you can do what's called the "closed course competition mods." this is when you replace some parts with the ones from the 250R, and it adds about 8 hp. I practically turned it into a 250R, lost almost 10 lbs on the bike too. I HIGHLY doubt you will find a deal like this, this one was great. Keep looking, and maybe you'll find a bike for under 3K. 2K is just on the verge of rare. The suspension on a 2005 KX250 is not as great as the suspension nowadays, but it's still great. Sprung for a 200 lb rider stock. The Kawasaki to me is a better deal, because all the guy listed that needs to be done is the sprockets and chain. of you change the back, change the front. Go take a look at the Kawi and see how it runs. For that price, my guess is there is something else wrong with it. Probably valves, but who knows. If it runs nice, pick it up. If there are a couple problems with it, you have $500 bucks to spend on it.
  13. I pinch my knees on jumps that I need to seat bounce on. It sounds like you're accelerating a lot to hit this jump, so it's logical that you might want to pinch your knees. If it's a 70-80 foot table, it must have a big lip. I ride at Hangtown, and there is this enormous 100 foot booter/table/triple that you cannot seat bounce. It will throw you over the bars. It's about 50 feet out of a corner, so you wouldn't need to anyways, but just in case, you wouldn't be able to. I never have problems with whiskey throttle.
  14. Sounds like you aren't getting enough weight on the front end. Sit on the front of the seat, as much forward as possible. Lean the bike over to whichever way you are turning, say left. Push your left arm down a little, and keep your right elbow up. Since it's hard pack, I would drag your brakes, Just push down a little on the brakes in the turn, and use the clutch. Why do you lean the bike over? To get as much traction on as much of the wheel as possible. It could very well be the tires, what kind do you have? Hard tires are the best or hard pack terrain. I run intermediates (MX51). Worn down tires are bad also. Lastly, you cannon let off the throttle, you are either on the brakes or on the gas. You don't want to do any of your braking in the turn. If you stay on the throttle, you won't lose the front end.
  15. ABRacing18

    pro circuit TI 4 slip on exhaust!

    Just by looking at the picture, the muffler looks in horrible shape. It's dented a lot. If you are running the stock header, you probably won't have to re jet it. I ran an FMF Ti Powercore on my bike with the stock header, and if anything, it ran better than the stock. I only had to re-jet it when I put the Power Bomb (header) on it. Put it on the bike, and run it. If it runs fine, than you don't have to re-jet it. Check the spark plug to see if it's too rich or too lean. If anything, it will be too lean. The color needs to be tan. You're going to need to repack it for sure.